Who is the MEK?


PR NewswireNovember 20, 2016

WASHINGTON, Nov. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Formed in 1965, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), the largest and best-organized Iranian opposition movement, is the main component of the coalition, National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), which acts as the parliament-in-exile.

The NCRI and MEK, have been committed to a secular, democratic, non-nuclear republic; gender equality; freedom of religion, thought, press, and association; support for peace in the Middle East; and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The president-elect of the NCRI is Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, who addressed a rally of 100,000 in Paris, well attended by dozens of prominent speakers from all over the world.

A. The MEK role was critical in preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb

The MEK has been instrumental in exposing Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Relying on a vast network inside Iran, MEK revelations of the weapons program significantly contributed to the world peace and the national security of the United States.

These revelations triggered the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections of the uranium enrichment facility in Natanz and Heavy Water Facility in Arak in 2002 for the first time, and since then, the majority of the visits by the IAEA inspection teams have been to the sites first exposed by the MEK.

Senior U.S. officials including President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have repeatedly pointed to the role the MEK had played in getting the world attention on Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

In March 2005, President, George W. Bush, emphasized that the MEK’s revelation of Natanz prompted an international campaign to stop the nuclear weapons program of Iran. “Iran has concealed its — a nuclear program. That became discovered, not because of their compliance with the IAEA or NPT, but because a dissident group pointed it out to the world.”

Many of the key front companies exposed by the MEK such as Mesbah Energy, Novin Energy, Kalaye Electric, Kavoshyar Company, and Farayand Technique were eventually sanctioned by the Treasury Department. In July 2011, the MEK exposed a new nuclear organization overseeing the entire nuclear program and run by the military, known as SPND. The U.S. Government designated that entity in 2014. In addition, many companies,key nuclear experts, and military institutions exposed by the MEK have been sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council resolutions 1737, 1747, and 1803.

If it were not for the MEK nuclear revelations, Tehran would have had the bomb by now. Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) told a House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing “We all owe a debt of gratitude to the MEK for bringing this information to the world, and causing the United States and the world to focus on the problem.”

B. MEK exposed the terrorist network of Iran

The MEK has played a key role in exposing the terrorist operations by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and its entity, the Qods Force. MEK’s actionable intelligence on Qods Force operations in Iraq saved many lives, and thwarted many terrorist operations by the Iranian regime.

MEK documented the details of the Qods force production and shipment of advanced EFP’s (Explosively Formed Projectiles), the number one killer of U.S. forces in Iraq. MEK also exposed Iran’s involvement in the bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 American servicemen.

C. MEK enjoys extensive bi-partisan support in U.S. Congress

Over the past two decades, MEK has gained extensive support among a large bi-partisan group of members of congress. Congress strongly rejected MEK’s FTO designation, which it viewed as a goodwill gesture to Tehran, as 99 members (52 D and 47 R) called for the group’s delisting. Secretary Clinton revoked the designation in 2012, after being urged by the U.S. Court of Appeals- DC Circuit.

Congress held hearings in the House and the Senate strongly supporting the safety & security of thousands of MEK members based in camps Ashraf and Liberty in Iraq, as they were being subject to attacks instigated by Tehran. There were several pieces of legislations in support of MEK members in Iraq, e.g., H.Res.704 with 224 co-sponsors (126 D and 98 R).

In addition, the National Defense Authorization Act for the fiscal year 2016, signed by President Obama and became law, included a language in support of the “security and protection” of MEK members in Camp Liberty, Iraq.

Secretary of State John Kerry lauded the resettlement of all members of “exiled Iranian opposition group, the Mujahedin e-Khalq, or MEK,” from Iraq to Europe in September 2016, emphasizing that “their departure concludes a significant American diplomatic initiative that has assured the safety of more than 3,000 MEK members whose lives have been under threat…I first became involved in this effort when I was in the Senate … I’m very proud that the United States was able to play a pivotal role in helping to get this job done.”

Also, the U.S. military fully protected all the MEK members in Iraq and recognized them as “protected persons” under the 4th Geneva Convention, long before the group was delisted.

D. MEK has been leading the opposition against the regime at home and abroad

MEK has been in the forefront of opposition to the mullahs since early days of the 1979 revolution, when it soon become the number one target of the Iranian regime’s repression.

The rulers of Iran view the MEK as an existential threat due to its support at home, and undermining the regime’s Islamic extremist ideology among a vast majority of the Iranian population, especially the youth. MEK’s modern, tolerant and democratic view on Islam has been the antithesis to the Islamic fundamentalists and the velayat-e faqih system. The MEK has been the main victim of repression in Iran. In summer 1988, the Iranian regime, by direct order of Supreme Leader Khomeini, massacred 30,000 political prisoners, most members of MEK. Over 100,000 of its members have been murdered since 1981, and many of its supporters are currently jailed in notorious prisons across the country. Most of those arrested and sentenced to death after the summer 2009 uprising in Iran, belonged to the MEK.

After having failed to physically eliminate the MEK, Tehran waged an international effort to have the MEK designated as a terrorist organization, which eventually failed after all the designations were overturned in Europe and the U.S. with the help of over 20 court rulings. Eventually, Tehran embarked upon a multi-million-dollar campaign of character assassination and demonization, which described the MEK as a cult, to justify the policy of appeasement. None of those efforts succeeded.

CONTACT: Ali Safavi, 202-747-7847, www.ncrius.org

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SOURCE National Council of Resistance of Iran-U.S. Representative Office


Abadi briefed on the conduct of operations are coming battles O Nineveh and procedures for the protection of visitors in memory of the death of Imam Hussein


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News, Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr. Haider al-Abadi briefed on the progress coming battles O Nineveh operations and procedures for the protection of visitors in memory of the death of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him {}.
A statement by the Office of Abadi and Euphrates News Agency {} received a copy of it today, that “the Prime Minister visited the Joint Special Operations Command and listen to the reports of the military and security leaders and issued several directives regarding the battles and the protection of visitors.”
The Abadi said that “our heroine is making a very big effort, at a time when fighting terror Daesh gangs and achieve victories and emancipation of the ground it has at the same time protect millions of visitors in memory of the death of Imam Hussein , peace be upon him , which reflects the significant progress in the work of thesecurity and military apparatus and the enormous ability to our heroes in various Alsnov squad. ”


Barzani calls to appoint a replacement until the date of a presidential election region

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Sunday, appoint a person to head the Kurdistan Region until the start date of the next elections.

Barzani said in a statement, “Call me a number of politicians and academics in the past few days, and they said that their opinion and the opinion of a number of citizens say that the solution to the crisis experienced by the Kurdistan Region is I, and said that Barzani can solve these problems.” 

He added, “I’m like any other citizen Kordestani, I hope that the beautiful solve these crises and problems once and for all, but many current problems, some of them connected to the political, economic and security situation in Iraq and the region in general, such as Daesh attacks, lower oil prices, and cut the Kurdistan region of salaries, hosting hundreds of thousands of displaced people, and some other problems are caused by internal political conflicts in the Kurdistan region. ”

He pointed Barzani, “If a solution to the internal political problems in the Kurdistan region’ve got, how many times you invite the political parties of the meeting, but they did not show up under the excuses variety, and also demanded that meets the parties together to resolve this crisis, but they also did not meet.” 

He pointed out, “The solution to this crisis lies in the dialogue between the parties, and that is a new election to parliament in order to return to practice his second, and that the parties agree all on the formation of a new government, and appointed someone to the presidency of the Kurdistan region until the start date of the next election.” 

He explained, “I did all the respect and appreciation for the demands of the employees and teachers of their rights, they are demanding their rights from the government, and I support them in that, but that due to the current crises , security, economic and political problems that we are experiencing, has become the possibilities of a specific government, but they believe that there is a solution, but sits parties with the government to resolve this matter and in all transparency, to disclose all their away from auctions or inflame public opinion. ”


Urgent Cabinet Secretariat: Disable official working for tomorrow to mark the forties

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced, disable the official working visit tomorrow to mark the death of Imam Hussein [p].

Astntt and honesty of the resolution “of security forces in all its different forms and providers of essential services to the citizens.”


Urgent global health: the Middle East deliberately publication of the report for political reasons


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[Oan- up]
accused the World Health Organization, the Middle East , the Saudi newspaper to “intentionality” in the publication of the report , which is bad for the Iraqis.
A spokeswoman for the regional office of the organization, based in Cairo, Rana Sidani, on Sunday evening, “Despite Our Exile statement Friday , but the Middle East , the newspaper published theday!”.
The statement confirmed that “fabricated and tendentious political organization on its causes , ” noting that “we are consulting with the Iraqi Ministry of Health to take a decision on the position and the prosecution of the newspaper.”
The New Middle East Saudi Arabia claimed , quoting Gregory Hatl spokesman for the World Health Organization, ” The past year has seen the religious events in Iraq , millions involving Iraqi men and women and more than Iranian million [in reference to the forty visit, followed by a get pregnancies illegally for more of 169 Iraqi woman of the population of southern Iraq “as alleged by the Saudi newspaper.
The organization warned she says the Middle East of “repeat pregnancies illegal in the current year.”
And denied the World Health Organization / Regional Office for the Middle East, strongly allegations by the newspaper on its spokesman, denounced the organization “Once again the use of its name in the news untrue claims that a media professionals Organization in Geneva said about illegal marriages during religious ceremonies.”
The newspaper report raised the ire and wrath of the official and popular circles and a call to prevent the circulation in Iraq and sued.
He condemned the Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, the paper ‘s claims and said that “Iraq reserves the right to sue Dish Middle East Saudi Arabia, calling on them to” apologize to the Iraqi people. ”
Acknowledged the Saudi newspaper Basaitha Iraqis and exposure” to reluctance , “also announced the suspension of trading with the newspaper editor Baghdad , which caused publish the report “confirmed” their compliance with the professional and ethical standards of accuracy and objectivity. “



US: Peshmerga keeping reclaimed land is for Baghdad and Erbil to decide


By Rudaw yesterday at 11:56

US: Peshmerga keeping reclaimed land is for Baghdad and Erbil to decide
“I’m not going to hypothesize or speculate about boundary changes here,” said John Kirby, US State Dept. Spokesperson. AFP photo

WASHINGTON, D.C. — At a press briefing in Washington, US State Department Spokesman John Kirby said on Friday that he could not confirm or deny any deal between the US government and Erbil about Kurdish forces staying in territories they have retaken from ISIS in northern Iraq.

“What matters to us is that Mosul gets liberated, Daesh gets kicked out,” Kirby said in response to a reporter. “What matters to us is that that campaign is under the chain of command of the Iraqi Government in Baghdad under Prime Minister (Haider) Abadi.”

Kirby was answering a question by a reporter about whether the United States had agreed with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) keeping the Kurdish lands reclaimed by the Peshmerga in the war against ISIS.

“I’m not going to hypothesize or speculate about boundary changes here,” Kirby said in his response to the question. “That — I’m not going to go there. What we have seen is Baghdad and Erbil communicate and have dialogue about what’s going on particularly there in Mosul. We want to see that dialogue continue and we want the issues between them to be worked out between them.”

Kirby reaffirmed his country’s position of supporting Iraqi forces in the fight against ISIS.

“Our role — the United States — in leading this coalition is to support them from the air and to make sure that we continue to train, advise and assist Iraqi Security Forces as they press the fight against Daesh,” Kirby added.

Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani had announced on Wednesday that Kurdish forces would not withdraw from lands they reclaimed from ISIS according to an agreement between Erbil, Baghdad and the U.S.

“We have a deal with America, between the Pentagon and the Peshmerga ministry — and with the Iraqi government — that the defense lines of before the Mosul operation are non-negotiable,” Barzani declared. “Our only goal is to protect the security of people in these areas and for the Peshmerga to back it.”

In the press briefing, Kirby did not disclose any terms agreed upon during President Barzani and US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman’s meeting on Tuesday.

Kirby reiterated that the United States was focused on assisting coalition partners.

“We know that Baghdad and Erbil have been in close communication in the months leading up to Mosul and certainly as it’s now being prosecuted,” he said. “And we would encourage that dialogue to continue, but these are decisions that they have to make and they have to speak to.”

Kirby equally acknowledged Kurdish and Iraqi sacrifices in the fight against ISIS.

“There’s no question that Peshmerga forces have fought bravely, courageously, and continue to do so,” he said. “And we respect that. Likewise, Iraqi Security Forces have also fought bravely and effectively and continue to do so. As I have, I think, articulated many times, the focus is we want to defeat Daesh.”

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ISIS leader among militants killed in Mosul district


By Rudaw 1 hour ago
An Iraqi military vehicle shoots at the positions of ISIS militant in Mosul's northeastern district of Tahrir on Friday.
An Iraqi military vehicle shoots at the positions of ISIS militant in Mosul’s northeastern district of Tahrir on Friday.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – An ISIS leader was among militants killed in Mosul by Iraqi Counterterrorism Forces (ICTF) on Sunday, as troops conduced house-to-house searches in areas of the city they have liberated.
“The counterterrorism forces killed a wali (governor) of ISIS, the criminal Marwan Hamid Salih al-Hayali, and a number of terrorists in the Aden neighborhood on the left bank” of Mosul, the Iraqi War Media reported.
Earlier in the day, Rudaw correspondents in Mosul reported clashes between advancing Iraqi forces and ISIS militants in the city’s Intisar and Aden neighborhoods, as the Iraqi  troops carried out house-to-house search for remaining militants and explosives in liberated quarters.

The ICTF had reached the edges of the al-Qahira and al-Zuhur neighborhoods in northeastern Mosul by Sunday morning, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, a commander of the forces, told Rudaw.

He added that “coalition aircraft carried out airstrikes and killed 15 ISIS militants.”

Iraqi forces have liberated several eastern districts of the city which lies on the left bank of the Tigris River that dissects Mosul but are facing stiff resistance as they try to push deeper inside.

Follow the war on Rudaw’s Live Map

http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/en/map/mosul-offensive_108839?scaleControl=false&miniMap=false&scrollWheelZoom=false&zoomControl=true&allowEdit=false&moreControl=true&searchControl=null&tilelayersControl=null&embedControl=null&datalayersControl=true&onLoadPanel=undefined&captionBar=falseSee full screen

Map legend:

Dark green – under Peshmerga control
Light green – encircled/battling by Peshmerga
Red – under Iraqi control
Pink – encircled/battling by Iraqi forces
Yellow – under Hashd al-Shaabi control
Orange – encircled/battling by Hashd al-Shaabi


Video .. Military Intelligence Announces penetrate the ranks of “Daesh” in the center of Mosul



Khandan – The Directorate of Military Intelligence Sunday, penetrate the ranks of the organization , “Daesh” terrorist in Mosul city center.

The Directorate of Military Intelligence in a statement , “once again unable to your brothers and sons of the heroes of the Military Intelligence Directorate, to penetrate the ranks of the guerrilla terrorist Daesh but this time the process bold and quality in their own heart strongholds Daesh. ”

the statement said,” it enables the heroes of the military intelligence Directorate penetrate Aldoaash inside their fortresses in the heart of the city of Mosul and the city center, and are wandering the streets and alleys interns Baldoaash and chased bringing them to monitoring and follow – up and murder until the hour of salvation. ”

the Directorate military intelligence , in a statement, said he “will not and will not survive one of those who follow the Bgehm and their insolence , or cooperate with them unless Araoa and return to the right path and cooperate with the security services and offers of his information to the Directorate of military intelligence by calling 153.”




Iraq formally withdraw from the Free Trade Agreement


Sunday 20-11-2016 | 3:22:11

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Twilight News / detector Egyptian Commercial Representation, Iraq’s discontinuation of the Arab Convention easing.

Memorandum sent by the Egyptian Commercial Office in Baghdad reported that he has been officially informed the Arab League decision until it is circulated to all governments to apply the principle of reciprocity on Iraqi products exported to various markets.

She explained that the Iraqi government’s decision came as a result of flooding the Iraqi markets with goods imported from all Arab countries and products, which led to the widening financial crisis, especially in light of the collapse of oil prices.

For its part, the Ministry of Trade and Industry informed the Egyptian exporting companies to the Iraqi market, the decision, which is expected to subject the Egyptian products exported to there to tariffs ranging between 15 and 20%, which would adversely affect the value and volume of exports.

العراق ينسحب رسميًا من اتفاقية التجارة الحرة

Sumo lifted crude oil prices to all markets except Kirkuk oil for the month of December


Baghdad …

Announced Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), for lifting crude oil prices to all markets except the oil of Kirkuk, the US market for the month of December, noting that the increase comes in the light of developments in the global economic situation and indicators of the global oil market.
The company said in a statement: “Economy News” received a copy of the “staff specialist in the company has backed Finance Authority and the body shipping to conduct a comprehensive and detailed survey of the most important developments in the global economic situation and indicators of the global oil market, as well as the latest developments affecting negatively and positively each market of the major world markets America, Asia and Europe and accounts associated and decides to lift Iraqi crude oil prices to all markets returned Kirkuk oil to the US market for the month this December. “
She said the company, “it was raising the price of oil for the Asian market by $ 1.00 per barrel of light to Basra and 0.70 for heavy Bozrah, indicating that he was raised Basrah Light oil rate by 0.40 of the European market and $ 0.45 for heavy oil.”
The company indicated that it “raised the price of oil for the US market for Basra light oil by $ 0.10 0.10 and heavy oil heavy oil, pointing out that he has been retained to Kirkuk oil price as it is without changing the George W for the market.”
Oil prices dropped dramatically over the last year and this year, which amounted in some cases to less than $ 30 per barrel in January of this year 2016.