Iraq suspends Arab trade agreement


November 17, 2016

A stores in Shorja market in Baghdad, archive

A stores in Shorja market in Baghdad, archive

An official in the prime minister confirmed Thursday that Iraq did not withdraw from the trade agreement between the Arab countries, but suspended them as of early this month.

He said financial experts inform the official in the Prime Minister’s easier Jabbar “Radio Sawa” The government’s decision came after monitoring the entry of goods into the country as foreign origin turns out to be of Arab origin.

Jabbar explained that the suspension of operation of the Convention was to protect the local product, he said, adding that the disclosure of imported goods to Iraq in terms of compliance with the specifications or not will be through approved standards.

The Council of Ministers approved on 24 October / October to impose tariffs on imported goods to Iraq from all countries. The Board based its decision on the protection of Iraqi law after the products flooding the local market of imported products, according to a decision.

Source: Radio Sawa / cabinet’s official website



Is Monetary Fund is facing the wrath of the Arab people again?

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He returned the International Monetary Fund in the recent period to play a major role in the Arab world, especially after agreeing last weekend to lend Egypt $ 12 billion, raising fears of a violent backlash against Arab governments that implement painful economic measures in return for the fund.
Since the late eighties and even the Arab Spring uprisings in 2011, was branded a fund in the Arab world that the West, which put pressure on countries to adopt austerity policies that impoverish their people arm, while benefiting foreign bankers.
After the riots in Algeria, Jordan and Sudan because of spending cuts that are made at the behest of the IMF procedures, it has avoided many of cooperation with the IMF governments, quasi a minister in Egypt this fund Balastmarian Britons who seized the Suez Canal.
Return Fund
But the fund returned again to offers in recent months, billions of dollars to Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia, also offers advice on the economic transformation of Algeria, the Gulf and the states, which urges them to impose value-added tax, the Fund has tried this time exposed himself in a new more flexible.
This return may be good news for investors who are waiting for a certificate from the trust fund up to invest in these countries, but at the same time, fund and partner governments subjected to the wrath of the people if the failure to resolve the deep-rooted economic problems.
Mohsin Khan, who headed the Middle East Department of the Fund in the period between 2004 and 2008, says the return to the region a thorny issue, because while the fund has the knowledge on how fiscal and external deficits reform, it -honh The economists are Aam- less familiar ways of reducing inequality and the creation of millions of jobs.
But Masood Ahmed, who took over the Middle East Department of Khan since 2008 and even today says that the Fund’s learned his lesson. Ahmed explains that the fund had in the past focused on the macroeconomic numbers only, but now he looks at other aspects that can affect the overall picture of the economy, such as poverty.
After the Arab Spring, Ahmed launched a public relations campaign to improve the image of the fund in the region, where he launched a blog in Arabic to explain the fund’s policies and meetings with politicians and journalists.
Unknown future
But this does not remove the risk to the fund, and will be the next few years a real test; Valkarz obtained by Egypt for three years, played for him to float the pound and raise fuel prices, it may be just the beginning of a long-term burden, and may be renewed upon him the end is also expected many of economists, Syria and Yemen will need to help when there are conflicts end.
In addition, the Fund will become between the horns of a dilemma, as the governments in both importing countries and exporting oil is reducing both social support and subsidies, it is expected to fuel prices rise again, and that new taxes imposed in many countries.
She says the first associates International Governance and Innovation Centre in Canada Basma Momani started writing a book about the fund that these data indicate that the Fund will not be able to avoid a political role, in these countries, which would put him to the backlash.


Obama praises the progress of Iraqi forces in the battle of Mosul and assures her country’s support


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{INTERNATIONAL: Euphrates News} praised US President Barack Obama on Thursday, continuing progress of the Iraqi forces in the battle to liberate the city of Mosul from Daesh, stressing his country’s support for Iraq in its war against Daesh.
Obama said during a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on avisit to Berlin: pleased with the progress of Iraqi forces in the battle and we support it. ”
The liberation of Mosul operation was launched on 17 October last and made thejoint forces, including the popular crowd great progress and freed dozens of villages and regions from Conception Daesh terrorist gangs in various Mahaor.anthy

Parliamentary Finance: Employees receive their salaries on time


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed the parliamentary finance committee member Ahmed Sarhan that employees receive their salaries on time.
He said Ahmed told {Euphrates News} on Thursday, that “does not have any delay in delivery of the employees ‘ salaries they receive their salaries on time and that there was a day or two , this is not considered a delay.”
He continued saying either on the 2017 budget , we are moving in the Commission for the purpose of preparing their final proposals by taking the House ofRepresentatives for the purpose of maturation and approval within the parliament.
The House of Representatives has completed the second reading of the budget law in 2017 as head of the parliamentary legal committee , Mahmoud Hassan urged to make clear amendments to the draft budget law, particularly the paragraphs that give rise to an increase in financial allocations to ensure that no appeal Bha.anthy



Jubouri meet Jordanian Prime Minister to discuss the security file and the war on terror



Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, met in Amman, the Jordanian Prime Minister Hani Mulki.

A statement by his office, that al-Jubouri and Mulki ‘in search of a number of important files in the forefront of the security file and the war on terrorism as well as to promote mutual economic cooperation. “

The Jubouri visiting Oman, met with the King of Jordan and his Jordanian counterpart yesterday.

Pictures .. withdrawal of the Kurdish units of Manbej

Khandan – withdrew on Thursday the second set of units to protect the Kurdish people and women from rural area to Manbej appointed Isa area to participate in the “wrath of the Euphrates” to isolate and edit tenderness campaign.

The Kurdish units announced yesterday in an official statement thewithdrawal of its troops from the city of Manbej to participate in thewrath of the Euphrates for the Liberation of tenderness campaign after the “tasks in the editing and the defense of our people in Manbej” led according to the statement.

The news agency said “Hawar”, said the first batch People’s Protection Units Kurdish forces out of the city Manbej yesterday evening towards the town of Ain Issa.

She added that the second and final installment of the People’s Protection Units came out today from Manbej, indicating that thewithdrawals took place during a press conference held on theKerkoezag Bridge.

And say to the leader of the Council Manbej military Adnan Abu Amjad said during a press conference , “We thank the General Command ofthe People’s Protection Units and women to support us at thebeginning of a campaign leader Faisal Abu Laila’s Liberation Manbej City. Of course , we as a council military Manbej asked servo units toprotect people and women forces to rid our people in the city ofManbej, and met troops asked all the possibilities available to them, and after that we have to rehabilitate the children Manbej city and trained through the academies military Manbej forces have been able to protect her town and villages and we hope forces units to protect people and women and the forces of Syria ‘s Democratic victory in the wrath of the Euphrates for the Liberation of Raqqa city campaign ” .

For its part , confirmed the leadership in the units of the protection ofwomen Sozdar Dirk, if the units ready to return to Manbej in case of any emergency, she said , “at the request of the military Manbej Council we Kqguat democratic Syria participated in the liberation ofManbej City campaign, and remained our troops in the city for three months and after that ended the fighters from all the components completed their training modules to protect the people and women oftheir duties and went out Tuesday night a group of our forces to thestarting their points. ”



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Edit east of Mosul editing area and raising the Iraqi flag over it


Iraqi forces in Mosul


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Edit east of Mosul editing area and raising the Iraqi flag over it.


… Necessary documents central to mediate letter of guarantee 100% of their capital firms




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Long-Presse / Baghdad

It revealed a document issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, on Thursday, for a resolution that includes an increase for letters of guarantee banking companies to allow them to enter sell the currency window, and noted that the decision included raising the letter of guarantee for banks to 100%, while confirming that the bank’s board is considering a proposal to reduce those after claims descent from the companies need to be reduced.

And showed a document obtained (range Press), a copy of which, that “there is a decision by the Board of the Central Bank includes an increase for letters of guarantee banking companies to the Central Bank of Iraq in order to enter sell the currency window,” noting that “companies demanded the need to modify that the decision”.

The document, to be “the central bank studied the requests he has received on the amendment of the decision to lift the letter of guarantee for banks to 100%, it has decided to be 25% that the increase be before the (first of January 2017), that increases annually by 25% for a period of four years to be up to 100%. ”

It said the document, said that “those measures aimed at creating motivation for the exchange companies to work according to the requirements of the Central Bank and commit to decide in selling the currency.”

Abadi Office: Baghdad and Erbil agreement still exists and the Peshmerga would withdraw from the liberated areas



Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi


11/17/2016 14:21
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Office of the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, said Thursday that the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on liberated territory in the province of Nineveh, still exists, and pointed out that the Peshmerga forces withdrew from several areas after cleared of regulation (Daesh), according to the agreement, while He pointed out that the agreement does not include the areas controlled by the Peshmerga forces during the period of the previous governments.

According to a statement, to inform the Office of the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, received a (long-Presse), a copy of it, that “our heroine, continues victories and progress in all the fighting axes in operations (coming, Nineveh) to liberate its people from the oppression of the terrorist Daesh gangs,” noting that “we would like to emphasize that the agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan region about editing the Nineveh province, remains firm and there is no change in it, where the Peshmerga forces are fighting side by side with the federal military forces for the Liberation of Nineveh province, of terrorism (Daesh).”

The statement pointed out, that “the agreement includes an explicit clause withdrawal of the Peshmerga forces from the liberated areas after the liberation of Mosul to their former places of which was its adherence before the start of the edits and this has been applied in a number of areas,” noting at the same time that “with respect to the areas that were the Peshmerga forces present in the two previous governments, which was edited before each began operations (coming, Nineveh) have not been any new agreement on them and are subject to constitutional provisions in determining its ownership. ”

Oil: Iraq is seeking to enter the gas export market strongly


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Oil Ministry announced that Iraq sought to enter the gas export market aggressively through the development of gas fields and to stop the burning process.
According to a ministry statement, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that “senior agent of the Ministry Fayyad good grace visited today, Saybah who won Btahelh Kuwait Energy Company {} the second licensing round field.”

“The agent held a meeting attended by Director General of the South Oil Company and a number of officials in the developer of the field where it was trading in theprogress of ongoing work and projects implemented within the stages, it turned out and the percentage of completion achieved for the implementation of gas Siba plant project development plans.”

Senior agent said that “Iraq is on the verge of quality in the gas industry boom and seek entry in the gas export market aggressively through several investment projects, including the development of gas fields and investment optimization of gas associated with oil production and stop burning” .anthy operations