People crowd: Fully edit Afar Airport and prosecute Mokhtbh pockets for Daesh [Extended]


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[Oan- Baghdad]
announced the official spokesman of the popular crowd MP Ahmad al – Asadi, on Wednesday, edit full of Tal Afar ,west of Mosul airport Daesh of terrorist gangs.
Asadi said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “with God ‘s help and effort heroes of thesons of the popular crowd and after fierce battles fought with the enemy Aldaasha elements, bleeding the Iraqi people Bushra edit Afar airport fully and take place now , the prosecution pockets Daesh hidden process inside the airport crowd forces and will begin clearing operations in the coming hours. ”
He pointed out that ” the forces of the popular crowd, now continues to track down remnants of the Daesh fugitive from the airport and monitoring the calls recorded case of withdrawals in the ranks of the enemy, as the popular crowd was able to monitor the movement of enemy forces and the wheels continue bombing.”
The editor of Tal Afar Airport, starting to PDF crowd for the Liberation of Tal Afar center point and cut supply to last Daesh between Mosul and Tal Afar lines, as will the Iraqi – Syrian border secure air cover after the restoration and rehabilitation of the airport.


Nechirvan Barzani: to deal directly with Baghdad if able to do so


By Hfitar Ahmed 39 minutes ago
نيجيرفان البارزاني: ليتعاملوا مباشرة مع بغداد إذا ما تمكنوا من ذلك

Roudao – Erbil

Prime Korddstan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani,said on Wednesday that “ the claim dealing directly from Baghdad, is not a requirement for all residents of the province of Sulaymaniyah, it is the opinion of a small number of political forces, and if they want to deal directly with the government in Baghdad, let them do it . ” .

The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, in a statement to the network Roudao media, “the situation, which has become by the Kurdistan Region after 2003, was the result of negotiations and many discussions carried out by the political forces in Kurdistan with Baghdad, according to the Constitution and the law, I think that it is difficult to be able to Baghdad of negotiation or understanding with one of the provinces directly, not imagine that what is being talked about now is the opinion of all the people of the province of Sulaymaniyah, it is possible that there will be some political forces want to deal directly with Baghdad, it is our part, do not have a problem, but contend if they were able to do so. “

And about the fear of get a split in the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani said, “I assure you that there are no fears of the division of the territory of Kurdistan, because this opinion, or orientation may be the opinion of one of the political forces, and that means that the other political parties may not support this requirement is full, I do not think that this matter may cause damage or problems to the Kurdistan region, this is their opinion, and if they succeeded to achieve, so let them come forward. “

He spoke Prime Minister in Kurdistan Regional Government, about the relations between Baghdad and the region, saying, “After my visit, and after the visit of President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, as well as to Baghdad, I can tell that we are now living a good phase of relations with Baghdad, but that does not mean that was solved all the problems, but we can say that he has formed a good environment for relations between us and the government in Baghdad, we emphasize that he must resolve all outstanding issues with Baghdad understanding, and this will remain a priority for us. “


Urgent popular crowd frees Afar Airport



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[Oan- Baghdad]
announced the popular media crowd, the crowd that the popular forces liberated the airport Tal Afar, west of Mosul.
According to a statement to inform the crowd received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that the editing process came “after fierce battles.”


Vice President: we want to tie Iraq oil partnerships with Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon


Wednesday 16-11-2016 | 7:01:39

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Twilight News / detectors, Iyad Allawi, Iraqi Vice President, plans were activated with Jordan wants to build a refinery to export oil and gas in Iraq, stressing request from Jordanian officials to build a refinery in Aqaba in order to export Iraqi oil products to the world.

Allawi said in an interview on the sidelines of the Amman forum of security, that the Iraqi talks of Jordan about the oil and gas tubular running from Basra through the blue city and then to Aqaba have reached a very advanced stage, after the recent visit by the Jordanian Minister of Energy Ibrahim Saif to Baghdad.

He noted the desire to link Iraq partnerships with Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon and that “the benefit of these countries as we benefit by linking electricity, oil and gas linkage economies.”

The commander of the western axis of the connector: calls for Daesh Turkish language ordering them to withdraw


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Special – balances News

Revealed the commander of the western axis in the coming operations Aaninoy Jawad Tlabawi, Wednesday, for the issuance of orders from the leaders of the terrorist organization Daesh not to aviation targeting the US, indicating that the intelligence the crowd heard the calls to the leaders of the Turkish language Daesh ordering them to withdraw.

He Tlabawi, L / balance News / “The intelligence popular crowd revealed the issuance of the leaders of the terrorist organization Daesh orders for components not to the American aviation turbofan targeting.”

He added that “intelligence crowd heard calls for Daesh Turkish language calling for leaders to withdraw,” noting that “the use of one of the fighters Turkmens to translate the calls.”

The popular crowd forces liberated today, Tel Xi’an area in the vicinity of Tal Afar, west Almousel.anthy 29/33 h Airport




Urgent arrested a terrorist cell in Baghdad planned to target visitors


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[Oan- Baghdad]
security forces arrested a terrorist cell in Baghdad planned to target visitors heading to the city of Karbala.
A statement by the media cell-Harbi received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “it was the arrest of a terrorist cell in Baghdad plans to target visitors Arbain and adjust the possession of the elements of explosive belts and explosive devices.”

Barzani: We have an agreement with the Iraqi Defense and the Pentagon about the presence of the Peshmerga forces

Wednesday November 16, 2016 15:13

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Alsumaria News / Erbil
The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Wednesday, the existence of an agreement between the Ministry of Peshmerga and the Department of Defense Federal and US Department of Defense (Pentagon) on the presence of the Peshmerga forces in the existing line of defense before the start of liberalization of Mosul operations, as he emphasized that the region will not give up the “right of independence and under no pressure “.

Barzani said in a speech during his visit to Ba’shiqah northeast of Mosul and I followed Alsumaria News that “we have an agreement between the Ministry of Peshmerga and the Pentagon and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense,” stressing that “According to the agreement, the presence of the Peshmerga in the defensive line before the start of liberalization of Mosul operations do not discuss it.”

Barzani added that “cooperation between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army and the international coalition has made great achievements,” pointing out that “Daesh heading towards collapse.”

Barzani said he “does not allow Daesh with criminals and their collaborators, especially religion assaulted our women”, past on to say “we will organize the Peshmerga forces more effectively in anticipation of the possibility of the worst

On the other hand, Barzani continued, saying, “I will not give up our right to independence, under any pressure,” adding “to achieve that goal through dialogue and peaceful means, including during the recent visit to Baghdad turned for us a good response in this direction.”

America calls on Iraq to “create real investment opportunities” and change the wording of contracts


Adviser to the US Secretary of Commerce Mays Alabbosi
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Long-Presse / Basra

Urged the US Department of Commerce on Wednesday, Iraq to create a “real opportunities” can be funded by investors, and change the existing formulas for decades and provide greater facilities for business, and while I went back to tourism investment is “best suited” to Basra, the southern provinces called for the establishment of projects suited to their needs and “non-clone” of those carried out with other governorates.

The adviser and the US Secretary of Commerce, Mays Alabbosi, at a press conference at the US Consulate building in Basra, attended (range Press), “The US Department of Commerce held workshops with the Iraqi government and relevant ministries, such as planning, oil, electricity, construction and housing for the definition of project financing in Iraq and developed within the framework of global investment in the current financial crisis experienced by the country. “

She called Alabbosi, to “find real investment opportunities planned according to global standards to reassure foreign investors and provide an opportunity for funding,” stressing the need “to do projects with a cost of less than $ 40 million in order to ensure easy financing and implementation.”

She adviser and US Secretary of Commerce, that “Basra could see the implementation of tourist investment projects being the most appropriate at present, in light of falling oil prices and the need to rely on an economy based on the successful projects”, usually the “southern provinces should see the establishment of projects suited to their needs and it is reproduced from those that implement other governorates. “

She urged Alabbosi, the concerned authorities to “change the conditions and legal and financial contracts for projects formats and provide facilities to attract investors.”

The legal adviser of the US Department of Commerce, Mays Abbas Alabbosi, announced in (the twentieth of October 2015 the past), all seeking to activate twinning signed the Convention in 2012, between the cities of Houston and American Basra, to take advantage of the first experience in the oil industry development, especially that Basra can be a center of the oil industry in the Middle East.

Governor of the Central Bank holds speculators responsible for rising dollar


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He attributed the Governor of the Central Bank, on Wednesday, rising dollar exchange rate to the supply and demand and the imposition of measures on speculators, and as he emphasized that the option of reducing the value of the dinar is Matrouh time being.
The governor of the central bank on the Keywords, in an interview to the (long-Presse), “The supply and demand of the reasons for the different dollar exchange rate and the central bank cut dollar sales by 40% during the past period compared to previous years to maintain a certain level of cash reserves level,” noting, “the tight supply with demand remain at the same level and increased government spending on dollar revenues should open the way for speculation in the market.”
He added that “Another reason for the rise in the dollar exchange rate caused by the central bank to impose a lot of requirements Kalamtthal and oversight of procurement and implementation of accreditation and compliance with the rules and documentation requests operations,” adding that “the central bank when it calls for specific actions must lead to action added to brokers customs Kaltbarhat tax and settling accounts and import license. “
He continued that “to secure these things cost speculators amounts they pay under the table, despite the deterrent measures as a result of imbalances in some state agencies are reflected in the dollar’s exchange rate,” pointing out that “the lack of citizen cooperation with the Central Bank and the speculators install dollar transactions lead to the buyer the difference to pay Cash between the exchange rate and prevent pursued legally. “
And on the devaluation of the dinar Keywords emphasized, that “the devaluation of the dinar is Matrouh option at the present time.”
It is said that the dollar exchange rate seen over the past days is relatively reduced.