Central Bank confirms that the measures granting loans to citizens, “simple”


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Central Bank of Iraq, announced Tuesday, for the distribution of 500 billion dinars, housing loans to citizens, noting that the interest rate is “very low”, as pointed out that the granting of loans measures “simple.”
The general director of financial operations at the Central Bank of Iraq, Mahmoud Dagher in a press statement, said that “the Bank since the beginning of this year, took the initiative in offering a huge financing package estimated at five trillion dinars, divided between the Land Bank and the Housing Fund, as it gave each bank approximately 800 billion dinars.” , adding that “the remaining section of the industrial Bank and the agricultural Bank.”
He said Dagher, that “the Land Bank distributed 100 billion dinars, and the Housing Fund distributed 400 billion dinars in loans to citizens,” pointing out that “the loan ceiling of 50 million dinars at a rate of very low interest does not exceed 3 –4 100%, and therefore constitutes a grant element to the borrower. “
He said Dagher, that “borrowing conditions is the existence of a piece of land suitable for the construction and sponsor of the citizen who wants to withdraw the loan amount.”
And on some late citizen to receive a loan for several years, Dagher explained that “this delay can not happen unless there is a specific problem faced by the treatment of the citizen which is in arrears in receipt of the loan,” pointing out that “the granting of the loan simple measures.”




Iraq resumed supplying Jordan with oil


15 November 2016 | 21:00

BAGHDAD (Agencies)

Jordan and Iraq agreed yesterday to resume cooperation in the field of supplying Kingdom quantities of crude oil, and set a timetable for ending the project pipeline Iraqi oil and gas transmission lines, through the Jordanian port of Aqaba.
A statement from the Iraqi oil minister, Jabbar Luaibi, yesterday as saying: «There is a need to implement a project pipeline transportation of oil and gas in Iraq through the port of Aqaba, Jordan’s strategic and economic importance».
He Allaibi, that «the efforts of the joint committees is keen to expedite the resolution of this file, with a coalition of companies invested for this project has reached an advanced stage of negotiations».



Kirkuk, Kurdistan receives from $ 80 million a peer petrodollar


Tuesday 15-11-2016 | 1:14:17

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RS-h d

Twilight News / announced the head of the Kirkuk Provincial Council-and Kalh- Rebwar Talabani, received for maintaining the amount of more than $ 80 million share of the petro-dollar match.

Talabani said in several Building Council press conference, “We have received the amount of the Kurdistan Region through meals.”

The Kurdistan Region and Kirkuk oil is, and export it towards the port of Ceyhan, which usually has an average of 150 thousand barrels per day. While it is producing fields in the region of about five hundred thousand barrels a day.

He added that the Council decided to allocate a sum of the petro-dollar budget for a month to pay teachers’ salaries arrears from the province of Kurdistan in Kirkuk, schools and the formation of a joint committee of the relevant Board of Directors and the Directorate of Kurdish study to examine the mechanism of implementation of the resolution and put controls in this regard and to find a radical solution to this segment.

Decisions of the Cabinet meeting chaired by Abadi, the most prominent of the vote on the Ministry of Electricity Plan


Tuesday 15-11-2016 | 6:08:05

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Twilight News / Cabinet held its regular Tuesday headed by current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, which saw the vote on several resolutions.

According to a statement issued by the council that “During the meeting, the vote on the establishment of an oil company Dhi Qar raised again after the Council of Ministers and the exclusion of insurance and vehicle registration licenses market in the capital Baghdad and the provinces requirements of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. Project (347).”

The statement added, “it was a message from French President Francois Hollande oriented Ebadi where Hollande reiterated France’s commitment to support Iraq and to stand with him in his war against terror Daesh gangs and praised the Iraqi forces and the tournaments in their battles against terrorism, admiration and appreciation for the steps Abadi collect and unify the components of Iraq, which will be a model for civilized nations show Region”.

The statement added, “it was the guidance by the General Authority for the implementation of border ports, border crossings projects by investing after the liquidation of the stalled projects.”

The statement pointed to “vote on the disengagement and the transfer of public companies, state-owned, a corporate (Yarmouk and Al Qadisiya and Al Qaqaa and Hittin and tiller and Hammurabi) of the Ministry of Defense and attached to the Ministry of Industry of all its employees and its assets and the transfer of financial allocations for the Ministry of Industry.”

The statement went on that “in order to enhance the work of ports and expansion of voting was ownership of the Ministry of Transport land area set up by the three sidewalks near the port of Umm Qasr and Tmena land area that you need to set up the other sidewalk projects.”

The statement continued that “was provided a study targeting the poor to help the poor and deserving actually improve their methodology through scientific study.”

The statement noted that “he was voted the Ministry of Electricity Plan.”

The statement concluded that “in terms of clarity and transparency of the government was to vote on the deployment of a draft financial budget after approval by the Council of Ministers.”



Diyala crashes official working a four-day visit on the occasion of the fortieth



The main road leading to the center of the city of Baquba (55 km northeast of Baghdad) and next to the capital Imaging (Mahmoud Raouf)


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15.11.2016 11:51
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Long-Presse / Diyala

Announced Muthana al-Tamimi of Diyala province, on Tuesday, the disruption of the official working hours in all government departments in the province, for four days starting on Wednesday, on the occasion of visit the death of Imam Hussein (AS).

Said Muthana al-Tamimi, in an interview with (long-Presse), “The local government in Diyala province, decided to disrupt the official working hours in all government Aldoairh in the province, for four days starting on Wednesday,” noting that “the decision excludes service departments and security institutions.” .

Tamimi said, “The decision is in line with decrees Arbain visit for the purpose of rallying efforts to provide services to visitors.”


Tomorrow .. Council discusses Baghdad to grant a holiday for the staff of departments are scheduled for Thursday and Sunday



Since 11/15/2016 17:42 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

Revealed the Baghdad Provincial Council member Adel Mattar al-Saadi, on Tuesday, about the intention of the Council to discuss tomorrow a holiday granted to employees of the provincial council districts on Thursday and Sunday.

He said al-Saadi, L / balance News / “The number of members of the Baghdad Provincial Council will be applying to the head of the provincial council on Wednesday to approve the granting of the provincial council departments staff official holiday on Thursday and Sunday.”

He explained that “the majority of the staff did not have access to their constituencies because Alqtoat the roads used by visitors walking to Karbala,” pointing out that “it’s up to the approval of the President of the Council on demand.”

Many of the central and southern governorates and declared a public holiday on the occasion of a visit Alarbaan.anthy 29/33 h


Urgent Abadi: make minor adjustments to the 2017 budget and submit it to parliament

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[Oan- Baghdad]
announced Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, the Council of Ministers made changes “minor” on some of the legal provisions of the draft budget for fiscal 2017 Act and submit them to the Council of Alnwab..itba


Urgent Jubouri discuss with the king of Jordan , the region ‘s security


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[Oan- Baghdad]
met Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri , in his visit to Amman , Jordan ‘s King Abdullah II.
According to a brief statement to his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, the two sides “discussed ways of mutual cooperation to maintain security in the region,” followed ..


Abadi headed .. Cabinet held its regular



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BAGHDAD – balances News

The Cabinet held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of its regular council Haider al-Abadi to discuss a number of resolutions on the agenda.

According to the Information Office of the Prime Minister in a brief statement received / balances News / copy of “The Council of Ministers regular session held under the chairmanship of Abadi.”

The statement added that “the meeting will discuss a number of issues on the agenda and vote on other decisions.”

It referred to as the Council of Ministers will hold periodic meetings on Tuesday of each week to vote on a number of those decisions and laws on its agenda in addition to a number of Mnahqh Alqguanan.anthy 29/33 h


The central bank adviser: balance the 2017 budget is an emergency



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The central bank adviser said Walid Idi, today, that budget 2017 is a contingency budget because Iraq is in a difficult situation and security militarily and economically.
Idi said in a press statement, that the budget covered the salaries of employees and the requirements of the war being waged against Daesh, noting that it’s budget is dominated by operational character and all operating expenses.
He explained that Idi very specific investment expenditures to complete some of the schools or the army and police with Daesh losses. A very important investment projects did not include.
Adviser also said that the budget included the completion of important projects that exceeded the completion rate in which more than 85%. Hinting that the ratio of the budget deficit reduced to reasonable levels.
The House of Representatives has ended at its meeting on the 24 of October past the first reading of the draft federal budget law for 2017, and voted to extend the current legislative term of one month for approval.
The total size of the 2017 budget, more than 100 trillion dinars deficit increased by 21% and announced a deduction of 4% of employees’ salaries to rally public and displaced persons.http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=5835