Reasons to delete three zeros from the Iraqi dinar and what it means to delete the zeros from currency


Deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency


The reasons for deleting three zeros from the Iraqi dinar and what it means to delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi currency, the fact deleting three zeros from the Iraqi dinar, the official source at the Central Bank of Iraq, said that the beginning of the beginning of 2017, will the central Bey Iraqi deleting three zeros from the currency of Iraq, Finance Committee also announced in parliament that the central bank will start at the beginning of 2017 by deleting three zeros from the local currency, in other words, that the unity of the coin in 1000 dinars from the old currency will be replaced by only one denarius of the new currency, and so on.

Start procedures to delete three zeros from the currency in 2017

Going on in the minds of many Iraqis that the important question of whether to raise (the zeros from the Iraqi dinar) harm or benefit? Thus why do not we raise the zeros, the official source in the Iraqi Central Bank stressed that the purpose of deleting three zeros from the currency of Iraq is to lift the economy and prosperity to raise support for the dinar, which will be a key reason for the return of Iraq’s economy again in January 2017, the step by Iraq intended to reform the local currency system based on the use of the currency too high denominations, which leads to difficulties in handling and in private transactions accounts, as well as higher prices resulting from the use of monetary units higher categories, which leads to a decline in the currency and declining purchasing power exchange rate the dinar in a big way.

CBI decision to remove three zeros from the Iraqi dinar

Iraqi Central Bank chairman said that the deletion of three zeros from the Iraqi dinar will help in flourishing once again the Iraqi economy and the return of the Iraqi currency traded in international stock markets, the deletion of zeros restore Iraqi currency mind in periods of monetary turmoil and declining public revenues of the state at a time when the expenses increase, resort states often to print more of the local currency, leading to price hikes and the occurrence of high inflation, the need to cross categories with high currencies such as the one thousand and one million one hundred thousand … etc., and with every raise in the denomination as the economy enters the furnace of inflation.

Why delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi dinar

The aim of deleting three zeros from the currency of Iraq is one of the means to control the high inflation is monetary reform, coupled with a change in monetary policy by the old currency high Pfiadtha replacement of a new currency with lower categories so prices tend to decline, but does he have on inflation? The answer is no, because the elimination of inflation is required to follow state moderate monetary policy, an official at the Central Bank of Iraq and stressed that the Iraqi dinar will be the vital currency in global stock markets and the central bank is currently discussing the principles of starting the project and its laws on the beginning of the project of the year 2017 and stressed that the new currency will not have a significant impact on the major currencies, but will raise the Iraqi economy.

اسباب حذف 3 أصفار من الدينار العراقي وماذا يعني حذف أصفار من العملة



Trump abandons the presidential salary of 400 thousand dollars

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US President – elect Donald Trump, he said he does not want to get a salary from his post as president of the United States.

The newspaper [Daily Mail], Donald Trump said , ” I will not take even a single dollar.” 

The newspaper pointed out that Trump billionaire businessman, Hariri said in response to questions on his account in Twitter “in relation to salary, it will not take even a single dollar.” 

It is known that the salary of the President of the United States is worth 400 thousand dollars a year, was not the first time Trump announces the letting go of the presidential salary , where he said at the beginning of his campaign in September in September 2015 that the first thing he would do after his arrival in the White House is the lack of acceptance of the salary, he said ” this is not a big sum for me, I am a rich man. ” 

But also noteworthy that Trump said at the beginning of his campaign that he fully responsible for campaign financing will not get donations of money any party, which changed after it announced the terms of his acceptance of donations after the primaries. 

And Trump is not the only president who refuses presidential salary, before it is rejected Herbert Hoover and John F. Kennedy get the salary of the President of the United States for being from wealthy families.

6 Iraqi army thwarts suicide operations “to Daesh” east of Mosul إقرأ المزيد:



A security source said that the Iraqi armed forces, has succeeded in six suicide attacks by organizing “Daesh” Since the early hours of the morning, frustration, Saturday, in an attempt to restore the Zahra neighborhood east of Mosul.

BAGHDAD – Sputnik © REUTERS / THAIER AL-SUDAINI Iraqi forces free Qadisiyah neighborhood in Mosul The security source said for “Sputnik” that “the terrorist organization Daesh launched since the dawn of Saturday, about six suicide attacks are all frustrated by the Iraqi armed forces, in an attempt to restore the Zahra neighborhood east of Mosul.” Mention, that the liberation of the city of Mosul process, Nineveh province in northern Iraq, the terrorists organization “Daesh”, which was seized by the year 2014, continuously since October / October of last 17, engaged in the operation, Iraqi troops and the crowd and popular forces and Kurdish Peshmerga, as well as coalition international led by the United States.

إقرأ المزيد:

International Alliance: the destruction of 57 vehicle bomb for “Daesh” in Mosul



Khandan – a spokesman for the international coalition led by the United States on Saturday, destroying 57 vehicle bomb to organize “Daesh” terrorist in Mosul since the start of editing operations.

He wrote Col. John Dorian , spokesman for the international coalition in the tweet on the official account in the (Twitter) on Saturday, the international coalition forces destroyed 57 booby – trapped vehicle to Daesh in the city of Mosul and its outskirts, since the start of the Iraqi security forces operations to liberate the city.

Iraqi forces began in the seventeenth of the month of October last, edit Mosul process with the participation of the Peshmerga forces and the support of the international coalition.


UNAMI: Abadi has taken positive measures to protect civilians during the battles of Mosul

Saturday November 12 2016 18:18
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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Announced the Human Rights Office of UNAMI in Iraq on Saturday, the United Nations Mission documented many “serious crimes and atrocities” carried out by the organization “Daesh” against citizens in Iraq, as he emphasized the decision of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi “positive” measures to protect civilians during operations Mosul.

Her office is responsible Rueda Haj in an interview with Alsumaria News’s, he said that “the United Nations Mission in Iraq, UNAMI, especially the Human Rights Office documented many serious crimes and atrocities carried out by Daesh against civilians Kaltahjar disappearance and murder and restrict freedoms, rape, sexual slavery and others, in addition to the use of children by the conflict armed age who did not exceed 11 years. “

He said al-Haj, that “our observations on the subject of dealing Iraqi forces with families who remained in their homes, the battle of Mosul, was ahead of the coming Aaninoy operations, including the procedures and measures that the State must be carried out to defend the civilians, and which ones to give orders to protect civilians and provide humanitarian interest on the military. “

She explained Haj, that “these measures, for example, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi issued several specific measures to protect civilians, and also what we have seen by the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, guiding him to the Peshmerga,” pointing out that “all those actions positive, but in the field are monitoring some of the allegations that are being investigated by Frizzle our observers and our correspondents in the field. “

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued in a former “strict” directives to military cuts participate in the battles of the need to protect civilians and provide safe corridors for them time.

The killing of 30 terrorists stormed the al-Salam neighborhood in the left coast of Mosul


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced the commander of operations are coming, O Nineveh, Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Allah Yar, Tmder detachments Daashah broke into al-Salam neighborhood in the left coast of Mosul.
A statement of the cell media war and Euphrates News Agency {} received a copy of it for Allah Yar as saying that “pieces ninth Armored Division and the third brigade first band broke into al- Salam neighborhood in the left coast of the city ofMosul.”
“The forces destroyed three detachments Drives LG wheel 9 and bomb and kill more than 30 terrorists in al- Salam neighborhood” .anthy