The death of the so-called “Prince of the Office of money” in the (Daesh) left side of Mosul


Element in the fight against terrorism in the north-east axis of the city of Mosul / imaging device (Munir al-Jubouri).


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Command announced operations “are coming, Nineveh”, on Sunday, all managed to counter-terrorism forces killed the so-called “Prince of the Office of money” in the organization (Daesh) to the left side of the connector.

The deputy commander of joint operations, the commander of operations “are coming, Nineveh,” Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir Yar God, according to a statement of the cell-Harbi media, received a (long-Presse) a copy of it, that “the heroes of the fight against terrorism device were able to kill the terrorist named Fares Abu Bakr, aka Abu Mohammed, who serves as the Emir of the office of the money in the left side of the city of Mosul, in the clashes in Saddam’s neighborhood. “

The anti-terrorism forces, located on the eastern axis of the connector, able, on Saturday, (the fifth of November 2016), from entering into the left coast of the city, and the incursion in the region and encircle the dignity areas and millions 3 green and apartments inspired by Zahra and Karkukli, Aden, and Golden is continuing the process of cleansing.

The operations “are coming, Nineveh” liberate Mosul, and the rest of the occupied territories in Nineveh province, (405 km north of Baghdad), started in (the 17 of October now 2016).



McGurk: We will not allow ISIS to take refuge anywhere


Middle East
By Rudaw 55 minutes ago

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – On the same day forces in northern Syria launched the campaign to oust the ISIS from its self-declared capital of Raqqa, the US special envoy to the global coalition fighting the extremist group described the campaign as a multi-year, generational effort.

“This is an ideological struggle to defeat an idea – this horrific, perverse idea – that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Daesh are trying to spread around the world,” said Brett McGurk on Sunday, speaking in Jordan after meetings with Jordanian leaders and officials.

He detailed progress fighting ISIS, also known by its Arabic acronym Daesh, in its “core” of Iraq and Syria.

He confirmed that the US is supporting the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who announced the commencement of the Wrath of Euphrates offensive to liberate Raqqa Sunday morning.

McGurk said that US special forces are on the ground in Syria and the coalition is carrying out airstrikes in support of the SDF in what he described as the “isolation phase” of the offensive.

He stressed that the force liberating Raqqa will be primarily made up of local Arab fighters. And added that US diplomats are constantly working to ensure the interests of their allies, both Kurdish and Turkish, are aligned and that the focus remains on fighting the common enemy, ISIS.

US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter issued a statement welcoming the SDF’s announcement of the Raqqa operation.

“The effort to isolate, and ultimately liberate, Raqqa marks the next step in our coalition campaign plan,” the statement reads. “As in Mosul, the fight will not be easy and there is hard work ahead, but it is necessary to end the fiction of ISIL’s caliphate and disrupt the group’s ability to carry out terror attacks against the United States, our allies and our partners.”

He pledged continued support from the international coalition.



Office: Maliki retired and receives a salary or bonus or allowance or an increase in protection


By Roudao 25 minutes ago
مكتبه: المالكي متقاعد ولا يتسلم راتبا أو مكافأة أو مخصصات أو زيادة في الحماية
Office: Maliki retired and receives a salary or bonus or allowance or an increase in protection

Roudao – Erbil

The Information Office of the President issued a coalitionof state law , Nuri alMaliki, a clarification on theexpenses of the Vice President of the Republic who havereturned to their duties by judicial decision of the Federal Court offices.

Where the statement noted that “as far as Mr. al-Maliki is retired and receives a salary or bonus from the presidency, did not allocate him not previously when he was in office, and yet no allocations for the purchase of cars or furniture or monitor the amount of maintenance or opening new offices, nor expenses and travel allowances and an increase in protection. “

The statement said, “The return and acceptance of the functions of office and welcomed the decision was aimed at working with the President to activate the functions of the Presidency and files entrusted to it under the Constitution, as well as his desire to work to support the legislative process and monitor the implementation of the Constitution in general and the laws he hopes cooperation between the President and the House of Representatives that perform a service for the stability of the political process and support, strengthen and correct and address the violations. if they have to achieve the service of the homeland and the citizen. “

House of Representatives Article 45 in the budget will increase state revenues

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Economy News / Baghdad

He said a member of the Finance Committee Haitham al-Jubouri, the contribution of Article 45 of the draft federal budget law for 2017 to increase state revenues.

Jubouri said Article 45 contributes to increasing the public treasury revenues to the state, where this article has allowed the Finance Ministry to sell its share of the agricultural land to the owners of rights

He added that “this increase will contribute effectively to supplement the budget with financial resources and their contribution to the increase in the Ministry of Finance revenue

The Article 45 of the draft federal budget for 2017 , the law has included:
First – the Ministry of Finance to sell its stake of farmland without fragmentation or division of which are located outside the boundaries of the Municipality of Baghdad or the municipalities and the rights of exhaust to the owners of those specific rights unify varieties Lands Country No. 53 of Law 1976 real allowance determined by committees estimation problem under the law of sale and lease of state property No. 21 of 2013.

Second – the buyer is committed to the following conditions:

The exploitation of the land for agricultural production.

Lack of secretion or the division of farmland.

Not to sell the land to a third party only after the introduction of the new buyer a written acknowledgment of fundamentalist in the real estate registration department to exploit the land for agricultural purposes

Third -aly the Ministry of Finance restore the land and the abolition of the sales contract without compensating the buyer in the event of breach of the conditions specified by law.

Fourth At the absence of the desire of the owner of the right to dispose purchased the land during a maximum period of sixty days from the date of declaration of the Ministry of Finance desire to sell Vtad leased him allowance rent assessed by the Committee on the under-item {first} of this article and otherwise declares the Ministry of Finance said land for sale or rent bid public

Fifth -aly the Minister of Finance in coordination with the Minister of Agriculture to issue instructions for the implementation of this article, following the approval of the Cabinet



The US envoy to the international coalition: We appreciate the cooperation of the Peshmerga and the army in the battle of Mosul


By Ziad alHaidari 42 minutes ago
 المبعوث الأميركي لدى التحالف الدولي لمحاربة تنظيم داعش بريت ماكغورك
The US envoy to the international coalition to fight al Daesh Brett Macgork

Roudao – Erbil

The US envoy said the international coalition to fight al Daesh Brett Macgork “The terrorist organization ‘s leader ,Abu Bakr alBaghdadi , living his last days , and we appreciate the great cooperation between the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army in the battle of Mosul.”

During a press conference held on the sidelines of his visit to the capital of Jordan, on Sunday, and followed up Roudao Media Network, Macgork “that al Daesh is leading a fierce battle but we have advance planning we will not allow Daesh to have any refuge either in Syria or Iraq, or the whole world added,” stressing that the coalition will support Syria’s democratic forces to restore tenderness.

He explained that “the US administration consider into account the bilateral cooperation between President Barzani and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, as well as joint meetings held between the two parties.”

He added that “the US administration appreciates the military cooperation between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army during the liberation of Mosul operations from the control Daesh.”

He Macgork, that “military operations have caused the displacement of 37,000 civilians from the city of Mosul, but there is a team from the United Nations to ensure secure displaced requirements while facilitating their return to their areas after the liberation.”

Envoy of the US president stressed that “the liberation of Mosul plan run faster than planned.”

He pointed out that the coalition began to work on the stage of tenderness to be after Mosul, adding “we will work on the pressure on al Daesh in Syria intensively and will increase in the coming days.”

He pointed out that the alliance will work to combat “the ideas of al-Baghdadi and leaders Daesh living their last days.”

“The Alliance works to protect all the Jordanian border terrorist organization during strikes in the organization in Iraq and Syria,” stressing that Jordan will participate in the strikes.

Macgork stressed that “Mosul will not be the capital of the caliphate of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and pointed out that the coalition partnership with the Iraqis worked on the recovery of large areas of the control of the organization, stressing that they rely on local forces to defeat Daesh to be final and to ensure that no terrorism parents and the return of refugees.” He is stressing that the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has promised not to get excesses against civilians in Mosul. “

He explained that about “one million displaced Iraqis have returned to their land after they were expelled Daesh them, as among the 37 thousand people have been displaced from Mosul are receiving care from non-governmental organizations, particularly the UN in Baghdad.”

It is noteworthy that the international coalition against Daesh led by the United States participate, through the implementation of air strikes, in the process of “coming, Nineveh” launched by Iraqi forces in October 17 (October), which, with the support of the popular crowd forces and the crowd of tribal and “peshmerga” Kurdish, to restore control of the city of Mosul, which currently constitutes the largest eyeballs to organize Daesh in Iraq.

And it sets off at dawn on October 17 / October last, the battle of the restoration of Mosul, with the participation of the Peshmerga forces, in addition to 45 thousand fighters of the army, the police, with the support of the international coalition fighter jets.

And given the military campaign aerial cover of the international coalition led by the United States of America.

Forces regained participation during the past few days, dozens of villages and towns in the vicinity of the city from the grip of “Daesh,” he managed to enter the city of Mosul from the east.


International companies provided loans to Basra, $ 500 million in exchange for investment opportunities “clear”



Basra conference for oil and gas and infrastructure in Beirut


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 Long-Presse / Basra

Basra Governorate Council, revealed a loan obtained by the province $ 500 million provided by international companies sober, and pointed out that those companies required to enter the money in the general budget of the country, and as he emphasized to provide assurances in return offer investment opportunities “clear specification of the unhindered and free of complications routine “, she explained that the oil investments occupies the priorities of international companies.

The head of the Council Hassan Albzona morning in an interview with (long-Presse), said that “Basra conference for oil and gas and infrastructure, which was held in the Lebanese capital Beirut on the 25th of the month of October last and lasted for five days, with the participation of a number of members of the local government in Basra, you may It came out with positive results reflect the economic reality and investment in the province and encourage the entry of funds and investment companies capital and transmit the message reassurance for companies which fear of working in the province. “

He revealed Albzona, for “providing solid investment companies loan to Basra $ 500 million, said the money within the general budget of the country and that the banking guarantees,” explaining that “Basra gave reassurances offer a clear investment opportunities specifications unhindered and free from routine complications.”

For his part, Chairman of the Commission on oil and gas in the Basra Governorate Council Ali Shaddad Knight said in an interview with (long-Presse), “The conference was attended by some 300 foreign and Arab investment company and a representative of the Prime Minister and members of the local government,” noting that “the Iraqi side, federal and local pledge which facilitate the procedures relating to the entry of investors and international companies and the granting of visas for them and ensure ease of movement without the complexities of a routine. “

He said Knight, that “there is a desire for global companies to work on the investment opportunities for the development of 12 oil fields, including six fields in Basra, where he occupies the projects relating to oil and gas interests of investors.”

And began the work of Basra, a conference of oil and gas and infrastructure in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, in the twenty-fifth of October this for five days, members participated in the local government of Basra and deputy for the province and a representative of the prime minister and directors of the oil and gas companies and the participation of hundreds of Arab and international companies.

Tanks of Iraq’s 9th division rumble into Mosul


Sarah Benhaida
AFPNovember 6, 2016
A tank from the Iraqi army's 9th armoured division fires at a suspect car approaching their position in the area of Ali Rash, adjacent to the eastern Al-Intissar neighbourhood of Mosul, on November 6, 2016

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A tank from the Iraqi army’s 9th armoured division fires at a suspect car approaching their position in the area of Ali Rash, adjacent to the eastern Al-Intissar neighbourhood of Mosul, on November 6, 2016 (AFP Photo/Odd Andersen)

Mosul (Iraq) (AFP) – Every shot sent shock waves all around and left ears ringing: the tanks of the Iraqi army’s 9th armoured division were advancing through the streets of Mosul’s Intisar neighbourhood.

When Iraqi forces finally punched into the streets of Mosul in the past few day, the three-week-old offensive to wrest the city back from the Islamic State ground entered a new phase.

“We’re now involved in urban battles, facing a mobile enemy that moves in small groups and opens fire on troops and civilians indiscriminately,” said Lieutenant General Qassem Jassem Nazzal.

In Intisar, a modest neighbourhood on the eastern edge of Mosul, civilians kept as low a profile a possible.

Most of them shuttered their homes and only a handful ventured out after making sure it was the Iraqi army and not the jihadists coming down their street.

Mohammed Ibrahim, 47, emerged cautiously after more than two days locked inside his home with 20 members of his family.

“We’re caught in the middle: the army is firing in one direction and the Islamic State in the other,” he told an AFP reporter.

“We adults can take this but the children live in constant fear, they cry all the time,” said his neighbour, a retired officer who gave his name as Ahmed.

Another threat comes from the sky in the shape of the hundreds of munitions being dropped by the aircraft of the US-led coalition assisting Iraqi forces in their war against IS.

– Decomposing bodies –

Ibrahim said he holed himself and his family up in his home after spotting six jihadists posted on the corner of his street. They were taken out in an air strike.

“Their boss was a foreigner, they were all killed by the planes,” said Ibrahim, who wore thick black-rimmed glasses.

His neighbour said the killed leader was a Turk.

Only two of the bodies were taken away. The four remaining corpses were left decomposing in the street, the blankets that had been thrown over them doing little to stop the stench.

Just a few houses down, around a dozen children snuck out from behind an iron gate, several of the girls keeping their hands over their ears to block out the booms of canon shells and mortar rounds.

The fighting was gradually moving deeper into Mosul by Sunday afternoon but the odd sniper bullet whizzing by was a reminder of the dangers remaining for the residents of Intisar.

“We have advanced to the second half of the neighbourhood,” Lieutenant General Nazzal said.

Mostafa Sabah Yunes, a brigadier general in the 9th division, explained they would move into the adjacent neighbourhood of Judaidat al-Mufti after clearing Intisar of roadside bombs and flushing out any remaining jihadists.

Civilians in Intisar were also keen to see the army advance as fast as possible.

“They have to reach the city centre,” Mohammed Ibrahim said. “That way the fighting will be over there and we’ll be safe here at the rear.”

Private economic activity


Dr. Hamid punitive
The difficult conditions experienced by our country during the past era we were and we still look forward because Iraq is a democratic country parliamentarians is subject to a permanent constitution guarantees the separation of executive, legislative and judicial three authorities recently we have started groping openness to the international community through our diplomatic missions and consulates, which began grabbing Rahalha to countries all the world and the large number of Rous funds Iraqi immigrants and deployed in countries around the world and who have a major role in the promotion of investment process in Iraq after Thiah conditions for these monies, which have migrated abroad and Almukdkhalal the current and the coming era that Iraq becomes a member Falavi Arab League and the United Nations, including the international Bank for Anmaalaammar that Iraq has become a member of it on 27 / December / 1945 in the fifties of the last century, the bank made a series of presentations and credits in order to finance a number of projects large continuity in irrigation and infrastructure, education, telecommunications and agriculture that stopped its activity in 1980 and then resumed his activity in 2004, the international Monetary Fund and the World trade Organization.
Iraq is not a big country in terms of area and souls but the size of its natural resources Unlimited has enormous riches in addition to its geographical location, which qualifies it is important and significant commercial role in the region
Betray we know that our mission we are the sons of this country is not easy after he inherited a heavy legacy and the resulting current phase of the structure of the Iraqi economy imbalances so we have to work actively together with our friends outside the country in order to build our economic place with the global economy through WTO it is difficult to ignore or stay away from them and work hard to remove all barriers that impede the movement of investment to build a broad Iraqi market blessed with a great deal of freedom of trade in the Arab and international markets, and no room for delay more than that and we start late, better than that of Anbda.

Parliamentary Economy plans to host the bank’s governor and managers of State-owned banks 


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November 6, 2016

The economic and investment commission parliamentary plans to host the bank’s governor and managers of State-owned banks soon in order to know the reasons for the falling dollar reserves and rising prices of constant exchange rates.

A spokesman for the central bank easier Jabbar on Sunday in a statement the Iraqi transmission network received (IBN) a copy of the file reserves the central bank is not a dossier complex as described by some, though the increases and decreases in reserve Transaction nature occur in every country in the world, because it is affected by factors several, the most important national revenues earned from oil sales, the price of the dollar against other currencies.

This is called the central citizens and traders to make a complaint to him about banks and the conversion that sell the dollar by more than 1,200 dinars, after having expanded sales outlets to include State-owned banks, as the campus last month, three special and 99 banking company from entering sell the currency window banks, because of the violation of the laws of Bank systems relating to the purchase and sale of foreign currency, but these measures have also succeeded in reducing the exchange rate, the central and attributed to reasons related to sales of oil and the dollar exchange rate against other currencies.

In spite of the Iraqi Central Bank to take a number of measures to try to reduce the dollar exchange rate in local markets but still witnessing a rise oscillate in some cases up to 1300 dinars to the dollar, while witnessing the bank reserves in exchange for a continuing decline.