The battle to liberate Mosul from Isis is bringing sectarianism in Iraq to an end


We are seeing, from the military, media, government and civilians, a unified effort to counter the false image of division. Nothing has brought the people of Iraq together like the desire to rid their land of jihadi terrorists


It has been more than two years since Mosul fell under the control of Isis, the terrorist organisation that has falsely sought to portray itself as the defender of Sunni Muslims throughout Iraqand Syria.

Since the fall of Mosul began we have seen a stream of analysts emerge who seek to explain what is happening in Iraq through the lazy framework of sectarian conflict, a position that is frankly offensive to most Iraqis.

That is not to say there haven’t been cases of sectarian abuse within the country and pressure must be constantly exerted on the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, to take action to address it where it occurs. But what is very promising for the future of Iraq – and is missing from the perspective of so-called experts on the nation – is the qualitative change that is emerging from Iraqi society.

We are seeing, from the military, media, government and civilians, a unified effort to counter the false image of division. Nothing has brought the people of Iraq together like the desire to rid their land of Isis.

This unity of peoples in Iraq has manifested itself most recently with the launch of the campaign to liberate Mosul. This is a significant operation as Mosul has thus far been Isis’s de facto capital in Iraq within their so-called Caliphate, in addition to being the place of residence of top Daesh leaders including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

For the first time in Iraqi history, we are seeing a coordinated effort from the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Iraqi Security Forces. The significance of KRG president Masoud Barzani coming to Baghdad for a joint press conference with PM Haider al-Abadi, his first visit to Baghdad in five years, cannot be underestimated.

Further promising signs emerged when Barzani announced the start of Mosul operations from the Khazir front stating, “This is the first time the blood of the Peshmerga and the Iraqi forces are mixed. We hope it’s a good start to create a bright future for both sides.”

Perhaps most importantly, the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) involved in liberating Mosul have been drawn primarily from local Sunni tribesmen and Assyrian groups such as the Nineveh Plains Unit, uniting of different social factions, including Sunni and Shia groups. Assyrian villages such as Bakhdida, which have been under Isis control for the last two years, have finally been liberated with the help of local resistance forces such as the Nineveh Plain Protection Units in conjunction with Iraq’s broader security forces, again revealing expanding levels of trust and cooperation.

However, though the unity we are seeing today is cause to celebrate, it is inevitably fragile. Sustaining this unity after the liberation of Iraq’s land from Isis militants will be a defining challenge for the people of Iraq. With the vast swathes of displaced peoples from Nineveh seeking to return home, it is crucial that the government has a clear and implementable plan to resolve the refugee crisis within Iraq.

Questions arise, for instance, about children who have been affected by Isis social should be rehabilitated and reintegrated back into Iraqi society. Other questions also emerge around reconciliation. How will Iraq ensure that reprisal attacks do not arise between various tribal groups that may feel betrayed? These questions are certainly sobering food for thought.

However, the liberation of Mosul is a major step towards defeating Isis and it brings new hope for the future of Iraq. Reconciliation is possible.

Mustafa Field is director of the Faiths Forum for London

Kuwait calls for Iraq to $ 4.6 billion in the rest of the compensation


Kuwait calls for Iraq to $ 4.6 billion in the rest of the compensation

KUWAIT ( Reuters ) – Kuwait announced its willingness and readiness to start consultations with Iraq to discuss the remainder of the compensation payments and the $ 4.6 billion dollars. This came in aspeech by Chairman of the Board of the Kuwaiti Public Authority for Assessment of Compensation for Damages Resulting from Iraqi administration Aggression, Khaled Ahmad AlMudhaf the 81 in front of the United Nations Compensation Commission session.

Mudhaf said that Kuwait was ready to start consultations with Iraq to discuss this matter under theauspices of the Commission. He also expressed his country ‘s readiness to provide technical assistance to Iraq with respect to claims before the Iraqi courts in order to address this file and close it once and for all.

He pointed to Kuwait ‘s support for the Iraqi request to extend the repayment of the remaining amount ofthe compensation period until the first of January 2018, without prejudice to the provisions of therelevant Security Council resolutions , .

Parliament Speaker: eager to enact legislation that will revive the private sector

Baghdad …

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, the keenness of Parliament to enact legislation that will revive the private sector.
A statement by the Office of the Speaker of Parliament, “Economy News” got a copy of it, that al-Jubouri, “received his official office, on Wednesday, a delegation of directors and representatives of a number of Iraqi civil companies, During the meeting, they reviewed the reality of the private sector and ways to promote it through the creation of laws to support this sector. “
He said al-Jubouri, according to the statement, “The House of Representatives is keen to enact all the legislation that would revitalize the private sector, so as to promote the advancement of the Iraqi economic situation.”
For their part, members of the delegation eighth President of the Parliament’s efforts and interest in supporting the private companies, which is a major tributary and important in the development of economy in the country.




Parliamentary Finance reveal the salaries of staff of the proportion of the budget in 2017


Ali Abdul Salman 0 02/11/2016

Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed on Wednesday, the details of the employees’ salaries proportion of the budget in 2017, stressing “the existence of reservations on the various ministries on the final accounts.”

The Vice-Chairman of the Committee Faleh force in the televised interview that “the 2017 budget is a plan for discretionary expenses and Erdat, and is unable to implement the investment plan, as happened in the last year.”

He added that he “identified in the budget of 2017 {25} trillion dinars investment budget,” adding it was “just numbers will not be working out, so we did not deal with the investment problem from the beginning was just solution to this problem by activating Reconstruction Council, which put the work in the budget in 2015, but it did not apply. ”

He continued, saying that “the salaries of staff size is today by {% 50-60%} of the budget, {40} trillion, including the salaries of the staff and {12} trillion salaries for retirees in addition to the social protection network and other expenses salaries inflated the size of expenditure thus be compelled to go to the operating budget. ”

On the appointments for this year pointed out in force, saying that “appointments confined, however, the Council of Ministers are to decide who is the ministry that need new cadres,” noting that “we have corrective measures in this budget, but they are almost shy, not the level of ambition.”

And processing services file and give it within the regulations and fees among the Chairman of the Finance Committee, saying, “Now we have the wills of the Municipalities Act, which was amended to take it upon himself to charge for some activities and professions. If the municipalities and the Municipality of Baghdad these amounts invested by these charges and did well collected in general will finance services.”

For its part indicated committee member Majda al-Tamimi “It was supposed to according to Article 62 of the Constitution to come budget and final accounts together; but it was supposed to be the final accounts for 2015 to be present are the other to arrange things according to these accounts, but the final accounts for 2017 2015 does not present “.

She noted “the existence of reservations to the various ministries, including finance, must be addressed,” pointing out that “in the absence of processing will be transferred to the Judicial Council,” stressing “the necessity of the final accounts with the budget for a vote,” indicating that “the vote on the budget without the presence of final accounts It is illegal. ”

And elaborated “the book were sent to the public prosecutor on the reservations and in turn diagnosed these irregularities and turning to the courts to decide.”

Her “2017 budget deficit is {21} trillion dinars; but there are some things that we have observed in the budget, about the appointment, for example, that there are no appointments for the Faculty of Medicine, note that the unemployment rate reached 23%, and thus stop the Taenja rise increase more, in addition to tax real estate, ranging from 11-12 and vacation five years for employees. ”

And about the taxes that will be imposed on citizens, said Tamimi, saying “for taxes and customs must be regarded as one of the important activities, but they go into the pockets of corrupt and not to the state treasury, because of the incentives that were offered to employees therefore, the employee is moving to corruption stopped,” indicating that ” there are mafias undiagnosed, taxes and levies Tzhbhm ”

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Arbil: open a passage to get out of the elements Daesh Mosul



Arbil: open a passage to get out of the elements Daesh Mosul

# Algmehorah_uz

Foreign relations official in the government of Iraqi Kurdistan, Falah Mustafa Bakir said he was open a corridor in the southern Iraqi city of Mosul to break the militants’ Daesh “towards Syria.

He explained Baker at a meeting with representatives of the International Relations Committee of the Russian Duma in Moscow Wednesday November 2, “opened there are several corridors for civilians to get out at us (Iraqi Kurdistan). We want to Weaver citizens, but that the terrorists do not want that.”

He stressed that the military plan includes opening corridor south of Mosul, the militants out of the city to Syria to avoid the destruction of the entire city, pointing out that 80% of the city of Ramadi in western Iraq previously destroyed due to the lack of any way out (of militants) from the city.–aong

The Turkish government decided to move its camp in Iraq Ba’shiqah to another area


الجيش التركي

THE WORLD 11/02/2016 16:20 (Updated 16:22 02/11/2016) Copy the link 0 59 0 0 Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, government spokesman Kortlmos Noman said that the Turkish authorities decided to move Turkish troops camp in the town of Bashiqa to another area. Cairo – Sputnik © SPUTNIK. FUAD SAFAROV Turkish Foreign Minister: “ready to go and personally apologized to the widow of the Russian pilot” Kortlmos confirmed in a press statement that Turkish troops “will not withdraw from the camp Ba’shiqah a recommendation and we will decide that.” For his part, Turkish Minister of Defense, intellectual Aahak, that “the talks between Turkey and the United States continues, and we have made some progress.” There are nearly two thousand Turkish troops in Iraq, who are training Iraqi groups in the camp Ba’shiqah, to assist in the restoration of Mosul. Relations between Iraq and Turkey is currently experiencing, significant tension following the entry of Turkish troops to Camp Ba’shiqah (on the outskirts of the city of Mosul) on the third of January 2015 without the approval of Baghdad, which has repeatedly called on Ankara to withdraw its troops immediately.

إقرأ المزيد:

Daesh elements fleeing from the villages of the upper and lower Ghzayel Ghzayel validity to the village west of the city of Mosul



Elements Daesh terrorist fled en masse from theupper villages Ghzayel Lower Ghzayel to the village Salehia west of the city of Mosul.

According to a statement to inform the popular crowd, said on Wednesday that ‘ the popular crowd aircraft march spotted exodus elements Daesh from the upper villages Ghzayel Lower Ghzayel to thevillage of validity while offering People crowd west ofMosul forces’.