Iraq confirms his efforts to join the World Trade Organization

By Roudao 36 minutes ago

الجميلي خلال حفل أفتتاح معرض بغداد الدولي
Jumaili during the opening ceremony of the Baghdad International Fair

Roudao – Erbil

The Minister of Trade of Iraq , “Salman Jumaili,” on Tuesday, his country is seeking to join the World Trade Organization, to promote the country ‘s exports and diversify and provide incentives and facilities to them.

He Jumaili in a speech today at the opening of the Baghdad International Fair concert, in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, that his country is determined to get the membership of the World Trade Organization, calling to contribute to the reconstruction of liberated areas of the organization “Daesh” international companies, to stimulate the economy.

Iraq obtained observer status in the World Trade Organization in 2004, but he was unable to obtain full membership, which qualifies him to take advantage of, especially in cross-border trade to join features.

A member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Jawad al-Bolani, in a press statement, “The Iraqi government headed years ago to develop the industrial sector through the granting of loans for various projects, and after the application of the tariff (next year), the concerned authorities will continue its efforts for Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization as a full member “.

He continued: “enter the organization requires activation of the industrial base, because the nation to join local products suffer from the competition in the market, because the markets are open to the flow of goods from OECD countries.”

According to data published on the Ministry of Commerce website, the ministry is leading a project to carry out a package of actions concerning the creation of an environment suitable for investment conditions, the rationalization of government policy support, in addition to a number of reforms to the laws and procedures of the taxes and fees.

The minister opened the day Baghdad International Fair, among its 43 in the presence of a number of officials and ministers, with the participation of 12 countries, 400 companies representing industry sectors, agricultural, commercial and communications technology, representing various nationalities, according to a statement of the Ministry of Commerce.

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