Families (Daesh) fleeing Mosul “terrified” of the areas of confrontation and the organization intends to destroy gripping parents



Iraqi forces stormed proceed Mosul


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Long-Presse / Nineveh

According to a local source from inside Mosul, on Tuesday, that the families of militants (Daesh) began to leave their homes near areas of progress the Iraqi security forces, in a state of “panic and tension” after the withdrawal of the majority of the militants organize them, noting that the organization intends to collect archives identity of the people and destroyed , threatening to liquidate those who do not comply with it, while a military source confirmed the stops provide security forces toward Mosul due to severe dust storm hit which led to a lack of vision.

The source said, in an interview to the (long-Presse), “The families of the militants organize Daesh in Mosul began to leave their homes near areas offer the security of Iraq, east of the city forces, particularly the neighborhoods of dignity, Jerusalem, Aden, permitting, victory, Sumer, Dumez, Palestine , unity Charter, Industrial Zone, humpback, Arab, pillow, Baoizh, Cairo, university, flowers, banks and the farmer. “

The source, who requested anonymity, that “the evacuation began at 11 in the morning, and up to three in the afternoon, and was characterized by erratic and tension,” adding that “it was clear from the curses and insults which addressed these terrorist families of the people welcoming progress the security forces. “

He said local security source, that “the organization told the people of Mosul that the teams will collect their belongings probative of destruction, threatening those who do not comply with the order to liquidate him directly,” noting that “militants regulation, especially local withdrew from the confrontation with the security forces areas, leaving small detachments of snipers and suicide bombers where, as mayors to deploy detachments of two people riding a motorcycle and carrying a light machine guns in areas far from the front lines. “

Meanwhile, a military source said, “The Almottaghvlh troops near Mosul moves temporarily halted due to bad weather,” attributing it to “severe dust storm that hit the city which led to a lack of vision.”

It is noteworthy that the security forces involved in the process of “coming, Nineveh,” making steady progress in its quest for the Liberation of Mosul, where he managed the day Tuesday, (the first of November 2016), to break into letting neighborhood, the first left-coast districts of the eastern axis of the city, (405 km north of Baghdad).


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