Miri Research offer its services to drawing supportive policies to stimulate the capital market in the center and the region


special / Arbil ….
It examined the Iraqi private banks association Kurdistan branch, with the Middle East Research Organization (Mary), and the presence of a financial advisor to the Prime Minister / appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, means of financial inclusion strategy adopted by the Council of Ministers and the Central Bank of Iraq and Iraqi special banks and the possibility of linking the policy of coordination between institutions assess Finance and banking in Antrswalakulaim.
Mary was such as the Organization for Research Prof. Dr. Dlaor, and like the Association Mr. Mustafa Shirvan / director of Erbil Stock Exchange.
He called Dr. appearance of Mohammed Saleh to the possibility of benefiting from the experiences of Mary Research Foundation specialized formulate the general policies and the ability to raise the communal parties to the dialogue table.
Professor Dlaor called for the need to prepare what is required of the institution submitted by identifying targets Association in order to work on her portrayal on the ground to draw the successful policies conducive to solving dilemmas.
This has ended the tripartite meeting to identify other meetings in order to agree on the main contexts that enable the parties from which to gather stakeholders under the dome of one to discuss these topics and stimulate the banking and financial job market in Antrswalakula


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