Freedoms Observatory strongly condemns the expulsion of Allawi’s Iraqi reporter and calls for international intervention

History of edits:: 29/10/2016 21:25 

[Oan- Baghdad] 

abhorrent Iraqi Observatory press freedoms and strongly act done by the President of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, the right of the Iraqi satellite channel reporter, Sajjad al – Musawi, who was assigned to cover the press conference held at its headquarters in Olive Street in Baghdad on Saturday afternoon and had his face calls for journalists to cover the conference.

According to a statement of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate Observatory received by all of Iraq [Aini copy of it, “journalists attending the conference, said the Iraqi Observatory of press freedoms, the correspondent of the Iraqi satellite channel, Sajjad al – Moussawi, directed a question to Allawi, who held a press conference today in his office, but Allawi refused to answer and accused the Iraqi channel Mounhazh. ” 

he said the journalists, said that” al – Moussawi , Allawi replied, he was working in the institution of the state was not biased to one, but he was asked to leave the conference in a manner expulsion and humiliation. ” 

for his part , deplore the chairman of the board of Trustees of the Iraqi media network Mujahid Abu Hail ,, do Allawi to “expel” Iraqiya reporter from the press conference, with Allawi demanded “apologies” to the correspondents of Al- Iraqiya who are on the battlefield, he expressed his opposition to the manner of recruitment of political differences and impacts on media affairs. ” 

He called Abu Al Hail, the Committee on culture and Information Parliament put an end to the excesses and interventions carried out by politicians against the media and prevent it from exercising its role as an authority of a fourth. ” 

The head of the Iraqi Observatory press freedoms Hadi JLo Mari,: We regret that all of outrage have been consumed to condemn the actions of government officials toward the Iraqi journalists during the 13 – year – old, without putting an end to their actions, and respect for the journalist ‘s dignity , who works for the home , not for his foundation, or a political leader. ” 

said Mari,” while we do not want to put pressure on government officials to stop these abuses, they do not hear us, but we demand international organizations specialized defending the rights and protection of journalists, to go to Iraq and see the avalanche of abuses that took place on the Iraqi journalists have no sin except that they are transported news and facts, but the politicians of the country , it seems they do not understand the work of the media and freedom of the press. ” 

He called on the Iraqi Observatory press freedoms,” journalists who are exposed to the excesses and assaults to sue anyone who attacks them in accordance with the protection of journalists and No. 38 for the year 2011 rights law. ”

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