Iraq is preparing to hold a big arms deal with China include the “HQ9” missiles, armored vehicles


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Since 10/28/2016 13:21 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Informed sources revealed on Friday from near Iraq, the end of the shaping big deal weapon financial facilities from the Chinese government include air defense systems, long-range type “hq9” cloned for system S-300 China after Russia’s refusal to provide financial facilities to be sold for Iraq, which is going through economic status critical.

The sources told / balances News /, that “defense system can provide an air umbrella against air attacks dense and high altitudes where the ranges cover about 200 km long and rising 27 km, and that the deal may include tanks type99 latest in a weapon Chinese armor and other equipment for the benefit of the Iraqi army / Federal police / crowd folk / device anti-terrorism. ”

The sources said, “The deal is worth two billion and 500 million dollars and pay on credit and the price will be paid in installments trust placed in 2017 worth $ 833 million paid by the Federal Ministry of Finance and its minister after authorization by the Council of Ministers.”

And showed that “companies are contracted Norinco and Poly” .anthy 29 / D 24

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