Baghdad stopped attacks on Mosul to secure the liberated areas


The decision comes to redeployment and assess victories and to ensure that the return of jihadists to attack areas lost control as it previously happened in wet and Kirkuk.

Middle East Online

Break breathtaking

Qayyarah (Iraq) – the international coalition announced Friday that the Iraqi forces to “stop” for two days from launching attacks to install its control over areas that grabbed organize the Islamic state since the beginning of the restoration of Mosul process, while the United Nations announced that the jihadist organization committed massacres against civilians during the past few days.

He said US Colonel John Dorian in a video conference from Baghdad, “We believe that it will take approximately two days before resuming progress toward Mosul,” explaining that this stop of the scheme within the coalition.

Dorian and added that this comprehensive and stop being “on several fronts” for the progress of the Iraqi forces, “re-positioning, processing and clearing” areas controlled by.

He said, “We expected that the time when the troops need to stop and re-positioning comes.”

The spokesman said the alliance launched since the start of the battle of Mosul, about 2,500 “bombs, rockets and shells and missiles are controlled.”

The fighters of the Islamic state have launched sporadic attacks Sunday to disperse the efforts of the Iraqi forces and the slow progress towards Mosul.

The extremists attacked last Sunday morning wet city in Anbar province in western Iraq, and two days after the attack on the city of Kirkuk at a time when the Iraqi forces close to the main stronghold in Mosul.

Lt. Col. Mohammed al-Dulaimi in Anbar edit the time that “Daesh today attacked wet spend Center 3-axis, using all kinds of weapons.”

That was the second of the organization since the start of the process of liberalization of Mosul in October 17 / October, where the militants are gaining attacked government buildings in Kirkuk last Friday.

Iraqi forces have managed to free most of the areas in Anbar province during the current year and remained the cities of Qaim, Rawa pubic and west of the province under the control of the organization, which is likely to be the organization had launched the attack from them.

Before the announcement of the alliance to stop operations, military media cell of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense said Friday that the Iraqi aircraft destroyed weapons sites for the organization of the Islamic State in Mosul.

It said the cell in a statement that “the F-16, according to the Iraqi Intelligence Agency and the Federal Investigation Information carried out several air strikes resulted in the destruction of the store and a platform for missiles manufactured wings of terrorist elements in Daesh Taan area from the left side of the conductor.”

It also led to the bombing destroyed two vehicles loaded with weapons belonging to the organization in the left side of the spend of Mosul.

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