Economic Council propose to parliament the federal budget amendment


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feet Economic Council, a proposed amendment to the draft federal budget for 2017 Act, to the House of Representatives.
The head of the Economic Council , Ibrahim al – Masoudi in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday, said that “because of the necessity and the urgency to maximize resources and provide jobs for the purpose of encouraging and supporting the national industry, so we propose to amend Article 36 and 28 of the federal budget for the year Law 2017. ”
He continued Masoudi, that” the amendment includes a paragraph secondly added to Article 36 which, as an exception and what is mentioned in the first exempted from fees of raw materials and imported components by the general productive sector companies which are contained in its name and its use exclusively in the production processes. ”
He added, that” the amendment includes, adding the phrase [any domestic product] on Article 28 to be as follows, abide by federal ministries and provinces and departments not associated with the Ministry to buy their requirements from the federal ministries products [Wi domestic product]. ”
He stressed that” not less than the value added of these bundled products and processed for [25%] of the cost of import value added to them and to not be a local product prices higher than imported counterparts by more than [10%] , taking into account the quality specifications and quality. ”

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