Council of Nineveh: 73 brigade arrived just 4 km from the center of Mosul in and he and 7 km Ptlkev


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Since 10/26/2016 18:57 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

Confirmed the Nineveh provincial council member Luqman Rashidi, Wednesday, that the security forces imposed a security cordon to spend Tilkaif fully in the northern axis, noting that after the liberation of 7 km band separating 16 from the nearest to the center of Mosul neighborhood and 4 km axis and that.

He said Rashidi, L / balance News / “The Brigade 73 in the band 16 managed to besiege spend Tilkaif fully and imposing tight security cordon while able to edit the Elimination surrounding villages.”

He added that “the security forces in the band 16 are now working to break into Tilkaif in the coming hours,” noting that “the security forces will be at 7 km from Mosul, Tall Afar after the liberation.”

He explained Rashidi, said that “Brigade 73 in the band 16 at the center and it’s within the southern axis away from Almasal center 4 km”, pointing out that the Peshmerga will stop when he Tilkaif with Brigade 73 will storm the connector from the northern axis. ”

Media announced military cell, today, edit village “row Aromated” south of Mosul from the control of the organization Daesh Alarhabiy.anthy 29/33 h



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