Kurdistan Regional Government to provide 2500 jobs in Arbil, in cooperation with the German organization


By Roudao 16 minutes ago
محافظ أربيل نوزاد هادي
Erbil Governor Nevzat Hadi

Roudao – Erbil

Kurdistan Regional Government has provided in cooperation with a German organization 0.2500 jobs in municipalities and water and sewage, roads and landscaping for both sexes of displaced people and citizens unemployed sectors.

These workers began on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 the first day of work in 25 locations in the city of Erbil.

The governor of Erbil, Nawzad Hadi, the reporter Roudao Media Network, Simand cream, that the average worker is paid of $ 25,000 dinars a day, while an experienced worker earns over 40 thousand dinars.

It carried out the government’s plan in cooperation with the German organization GIZ, and took them to work for 3 months, and among those 2,500 workers more than a thousand of them are graduates of universities and institutes, and constitute 25% female while males constitute 75%.

German organization and granted aid amounting to 48 million euros, for all Iraqi governorates and the Kurdistan Region, and in the first phase has been allocated 3,000,700 thousand euros to the province of Erbil.


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