Iraqi army restores wetlands spend and raise theIraqi flag over the buildings


MOSUL – Capt . Nasir:

Iraqi forces announced the start targeting Daesh sites within the city, after being expelled from the surrounding villages. Iraqi forces have announced a few kilometers from the besieged city, but from the open West on Syria, the start of the bombing Daesh sites within the city, and was able to Iraqi forces operating out of Qayyarah the main base of the restoration of dozens of villages south of Mosul, and advancing towards the north through the valley of the River Tigris; the joint Special operations command announced the restoration of 74 area and the village on the road to Mosul.

On the other hand, following the lead of Kurdish forces (Peshmerga) on the Eastern Front, replaced by Iraqi forces and the elite teams specialized in the fight against terrorism, and these forces managed to regain full areas of the Nineveh plain where Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. In this context, Iraqi forces retook particular Bartila city, about 15 kilometers east of Mosul, and are now fighting for the restoration of Iraq’s most important croutons predominantly Christian cities. In the north-eastern front peshmerga forces took over several villages, was, however, the organization Daesh, and cracking down on Ba’shiqah controlled Daesh, while the international coalition led by Washington announced it had carried out 32 raids on the region in a week, he said he which destroyed 136 locations combat and 18 tunnels and 26 a car bomb. In another context, Anbar Operations Command announced Tuesday edit completely eliminate wet, after hours of violent clashes with al Daesh. The commander of the Anbar Operations Maj. Gen. Ismail Mahlawi in a press statement: that the security forces to Anbar Operations Command was able to edit the entire wetland spend, raising Iraqi flags on buildings. Mahlawi pointed out that the operations are still continuing to clean up the remaining pockets of terrorist Daesh hidden. In turn, the military media cell in a statement said that pieces of Anbar Operations Command imposed full control on wet spend, noting that the pieces are chasing the rest of the terrorists Daesh.

To that, the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi said in a brief statement in full liberalization wet, raising the Iraqi flag over the government building to crack.

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