Abadi: We will not evacuate the areas of civilians during the battle to liberate Mosul


By Roudao 57 minutes ago
حيدر العبادي
Haider al-Abadi

Roudao – Erbil

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider alAbadi, Tuesday, October 25, 2016 not to evacuate the cities of Mosul civilians during the restoration of the “Islamic state” Daesh process, pointing to engage in an advanced stage of the battle.

Ebadi said, during the weekly press conference held at the Government Palace in Baghdad, said that “our plan for liberalization processes Mosul, is said to Ankhali cities of its population during the cleansing battles,” noting that “the future strategy in the liberated areas is directed by the army from the cities to keep the friction with the citizens and punishing elements Daesh to lay a societal coexistence and the use of local governments for the reconstruction of liberated areas. “

He added, “There is an ongoing cooperation between the security forces and special committees to take care of the displaced,” following up “we were able to provide food and fuel for families in the liberated areas.”

The head of the Iraqi government that “the civilian effort managed to extinguish fires in a number of cities that have been cleared,” stressing that “the enemy does not have any religious or moral TAKES burned in sulfur and terrorizing citizens.”

He said al-Abadi, that “terrorism is trying to confuse the situation to disrupt the progress of security forces,” calling for “vigilance of terrorist attempts to confuse the domestic situation and create chaos.”

The Abadi said that “the Council of Ministers discussed the survival of Turkish troops in Iraq and regret this escalation and we do not have any enmity with Turkey and we want good relations with them and we want to avoid any disagreements with them,” adding, “but we will not allow the occupation of Iraqi territory, has told us the Turks that they are not on a picnic and call to activate neighborly relations with Ankara, and we do not have any other choice but to cooperate with Turkey, and I hope that this is the case of its own. “

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