Abadi adviser to Roudao: There are positive indications for the existence of a wider between Baghdad and Erbil future understandings



By Roudao 17 minutes ago
The appearance of Mohammed Saleh

Roudao – Erbil

He announced the appearance of Mohammed Salih, adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider alAbadi, the presence of positive indications for the existence of a wider future understandings between Baghdad and Erbil, while noting the former Iraqi planning minister, and the current parliament, Mehdi alHafez to the importance of national reconciliation and the elimination of sectarianism.

The workshop addressed on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 from “Roudaoa AMRO” program that aired on Roudao TV and recorded on the sidelines of the third meeting of the Institute for Middle East Studies, “the fate of Iraq and Kurdistan in the post Daesh” and hosted in each of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Consultant Iraqi Prime Minister, and former Iraqi planning minister, and the current parliament, Mehdi al-Hafez.

The Iraqi adviser to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for Economic Affairs, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, during the episode “The realistic data, which took place before the battle of Mosul and the visit of the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani to Baghdad, represent positive indicators broader understandings between the center and the region, and that the Iraqi armed forces are engaged in hand side with the Peshmerga forces war against terrorists to protect geographical region and place the border, as well as the existence of negotiations at a high level to resolve disputes relating to oil and economic issues, there is now a political will to establish Iraq on several basic principles. “

He continued, “with regret that some neighboring countries, mobility problems to Iraq, and that should be the province of Kurdistan heed to this issue, and the right to self-determination for the Kurds, is another issue but with a Daesh must protect Iraq’s borders and every incident.”

He went on to say that “Iraqi forces have been battling with the mentality of the Peshmerga, and one for one purpose and that is important, but after Daesh there will be a political dialogue and economic else, but good intentions in the battle of Mosul against Daesh very positive sign.”

And Abizaid: “Let’s leave the past and to talk about the present and the future, in military service with the United States, which was signed by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, a few months before the agreement, valued at $ 2.7 billion to provide weapons, allocated them to the Peshmerga $ 400 million, and this means that there are good intentions in this subject”.

He stated that, “al-Abadi began a reform project for the whole of Iraq and wanted to create a harmonious vision of all of Iraq without differences or polarization, and this accelerates the national reconciliation Reforms stemmed from the sound of the street and the foremost authority and that the adoption of the amnesty law was a good step in the way of reconciliation.”

And on ways to fight corruption, he said: “With the current conflicts and snapping on Iraq cake difficult to combat corruption rooted solution lies in the use of the United Nations Programme which includes sending a dedicated international team to fight corruption and this enables local and international ability to overcome the problem of corruption and neutralize the issue.”

For his part, Mehdi al-Hafez affirmed “strengthen relations between Baghdad and Erbil in the post Daesh where there are some issues that must be resolved in a comprehensive manner and should the Kurds be part of a unified Iraq Fed and this fundamental and important matter, and I personally want Iraq to be a democratic, independent and have a good relationship with other entities and this is in everyone’s interest. “

“We must stop the regional interference it causes to cause a big problem, I knew very well of them and what they want,” following up “These parties do not want the interest of the Kurds and I think that the presidency Kurdish and Iraqi forces must agree on the basis of reconciliation that serve the two peoples and the Kurdistan Region does not become a center external interference. “

In another context, Hafiz said that “sectarian big problem in Iraq and the basis for many of the crises, and Daesh said just a manifestation of the intervention, which aims to promote sectarianism, and that the elimination of Daesh represent a fatal blow to sectarianism and we take advantage of this in the future to create an atmosphere of national tolerance among the population “.

He went on to say, “The failure of the government project for national reconciliation is not a secret, Faalanksam community is extremely dangerous, since he arrived in the division of neighborhoods between Sunnis and Shiites fairly painful and this fact can not be keeping them as they are, State of citizenship is the solution.”

He explained, “We must create a national basis and the overall mutual recognition of rights for unity and equality of opportunity to achieve national reconciliation.”

On the national reconciliation project failed over the past years, said that “the prime minister are assumed subject in the previous project ended with negative results, because he can not achieve national reconciliation without changing the public policy of the State Bnzertha citizen regardless of caste and religion,” stressing that “the Iraqi prime minister in front of the current great difficulties. but if he had the necessary atmosphere it will not hesitate to work towards national reconciliation. “

He stressed that “Iraq is steeped corruption must come together to set rules limiting phenomenon, and must fight against corruption and political, social and economic ways, and the state is the first responsible for it because the repair performance is reflected on the society at large.”


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