Iraqi forces were continuing an advance towards Mosul and Daesh یtکbd heavy losses


BAGHDAD / October 24 / October / IRNA – continues to Iraqi forces provided and four axes in the processes of liberalization of Mosul tagged Operations (coming یanیnoی) unrealized victories large release a large number of villages and areas and towns and Tکbیd Daesh massive loss of life and equipment have been through it.

Iraqi forces provided rapid and continuing in the processes of liberalization of Mosul tagged Operations (coming یanیnoی), the security forces and the Iraqi achieved up to this moment progress significant and quickly to set its goals, as the troops rescued hundreds of families withheld by Daesh gangs in the boycotted south of Mosul while advancing forces now response and rapid support of the crowd popular to cleanse the villages of Ain Nimrod and NUMANIYA in with a cutter and just these two villages 4 کیlomtrut all the city of Mosul, and at the same time, is now a fight against terrorism, the Iraqi stormed the village (stored) in the axis boycotted the eastern operations, while Albیhmrکh forces liberated the eight villages belonging Ba’shiqah to spend in the northern hub of operations’ while doing now belonging to the anti-terrorism forces also raided the village of Tehraoh and achieved rapid progress in the northern cutter as well.
And recorded the latest statistics of a cell media war Iraqi seen (IRNA), a copy of that Daesh gangs terrorist losses during these operations, since its launch on 17 October / October of this, but until now killed 772 terrorists and arresting 23 others and destroying 127 wheel bomb and 27 Detachment a mortar and 16 mono.
As has been the destruction of seven explosive belts and store large weapons in addition to Tvکیک four booby-trapped houses and destroying 11 Added to Daesh and blow up 397 explosive device has Daesh planted gangs in the streets and the areas that were controlled in order to block the advance forces and the security of Iraqi also was bombed five motorcycles was used by these individuals gangs.
As has been Hdیm and destroy 3 tunnels, and the center of leadership for terrorists and 40 subject defensive them and 6 guns resistant aircraft, as well as the destruction of three Ducکat and the seizure of 1.5 tons of (ammonium nitrate) and grab nine mortars 120 mm and 380 mortars.
In addition to grab the 60 mm mortar rounds and 61 rocket type کatیusha and 31 rocket launch base and three machine guns My Ki-C and 4 launchers RPG-7 and an explosive belt.
It also included Daesh destroyed four cannons and grab guns and other guns Found 4 mono losses and the destruction of Rchastیn mono, and find the two labs for booby-trapping.
Referred to as the battle for liberalization of Mosul, it was launched in 17 of October / October of this, of 4 axes and with the participation of Iraqi security forces in various different forms and Albیhmrکh and crowd the popular, and achieved troops and Iraqi progress significant edited many villages, regions and towns on all axes operations.
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