A suicide bomber blowing himself up to block inspections east of Kirkuk, security



One of the streets of the city of Kirkuk


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24/10/2016 20:18
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Long-Presse / Kirkuk

A source in the province of Kirkuk, on Monday, that the suicide bomber targeting a security force during operations east of Kirkuk inspection, (250 km north of Baghdad), while noting that the process did not result in the occurrence of any damage or casualties among the security forces.

The source said, in an interview with (long-Presse), “The bomber blew himself up during a joint force by the brave and emergency police, carried out search operations near the prisoners and missing neighborhood, east of the city.”

The source, who asked not to be named, said that “bomber was hiding among the reeds near the fourth bridge in the same neighborhood, and with the approach of the security forces from his place, he blew himself up,” stressing that “the explosion did not result in the occurrence of any or physical casualties among the ranks security cuts. “

It is noteworthy that (Daesh) attacked Kirkuk, at dawn on Friday (21 October 2016), and seized several areas where before security forces could thwart it, killing or injuring dozens and causing substantial material damage.

The terrorist attack sparked renewed criticism about the lack of editing areas south of Kirkuk and west of (Daesh), what constitutes “a constant threat” to the security of the province and its stability, especially that the security forces have surrounded the area for several weeks, and that the visit engineer and Ameri can be a prelude to the start of the count reverse to launch a large-scale security operation to liberate those areas basically founded on the popular crowd forces.

It is noteworthy that (Daesh) captured the areas in the district of Hawija and Riyadh, and aspects of the Abbasid and Zab, in (the tenth of June 2014).


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