Kurdistan Democratic nomination denies any alternative Zebari



Friday 21-10-2016 | 5:12:52

Hoshyar Zebari - XYZ

Hoshyar Zebari – XYZ

Twilight News / denied the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in the Iraqi parliament on Friday to provide the names of candidates for the post of finance minister instead Hoshyar Zebari, who pulled him to the confidence of Parliament a few weeks ago.

The deputy head of the block Tariq friend Rashid in a press statement responded to the Twilight News, “I deliberated some websites and channels and media news story attributed to us that that the parliamentary Ktltna will progress in the next week three candidates, the Ministry of Finance as substitutes for Mr. Minister Hoshyar Zebari as an election event to the size of the parliamentary Ktltna” .

Rashid stressed that he “did not issue any statement about us oboyan on this topic and the news published a fabricated and fabricated and baseless.”

He explained that “the Kurdistan Democratic Party did not nominate any alternative to the Minister of Finance, especially since there is a lawsuit instituted by the Minister of Finance to the Federal Court to determine the constitutionality and legality of withdrawal of confidence measures, and set a date the court at the beginning of next month to make a decision on the appeal.”

Rashid pointed out that “through our follow-up to the source of the news show that he fabricated smear on the one hand and used the title is the aim of our address postal confusion and confusion and we will pursue a judicial body that has planted Woods news on our behalf.”


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