Peshmerga 9 villages regain the support of the “Apache” the US for the first time


Thursday 20-10-2016 | 7:11:57

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Twilight News / media sources reported that the Kurdish Peshmerga forces regained control of the nine villages of al Daesh on Thursday to continue its progress in the military campaign that began at dawn on Monday and aims to grab the connector from the militant group.

The sources said in the news pursued Twilight News that US Apache helicopters participated in combat is in support of the Peshmerga forces have launched raids on Daesh sites.

This is the first time you talk about the participation of the American Almrahiat fighter in the war against Daesh. The commander of US forces in Iraq, Gen. Gary Wolski had announced on Wednesday, he said he does not rule out the participation of the US Apache helicopters in Mosul editing process.

Kurdish sources said that the Peshmerga forces retook the fourth day of the campaign nine villages in the west and north and south-east city of Mosul contributed US Apache helicopters strike by supporting terrorists’ positions with aerial bombardment center.

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