Oil prices maintain levels above $ 50


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{International: Euphrates News} Ankhvzt oil prices with maintaining the levels above $ 50 on Thursday on expectations of OPEC cut production and a decline in US stocks.
And closed WTI US mediator in the nearest maturity contracts for delivery in September, was down 22 cents to $ 51.38, while Brent crude shed 11 cents to $ 52.56 a barrel.
The price of oil rose 15 percent in the three weeks that followed the proposal of the Organization of the Petroleum exporting countries , OPEC, the implementation of the first cut in production since 2008 as of last September.
oil prices jumped more than 2 percent, on Wednesday, US crude hit its highest level in 15 months after the government announced a significant decline and unexpected in inventories for the sixth week 7 Osabia.anthy

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