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Posted: 20.10.2016 | 04:07 GMT | News Press

Iraqi forces

Iraqi forces

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The newspaper “Aaszewstaa” touched upon the process of liberalization of Mosul; noting that the Iraqis declare that the US alliance lends itself to the terrorists to leave the city to Syria.

It came in an article in the newspaper:

Started in Iraq Liberation of Mosul “Daesh process. The spokesman said” the popular crowd, “Karim Nouri al regulation that are fleeing the city and heading to Syria, without the Western alliance led by the United States draw any air strikes them.

Nouri said that “the American alliance does not attack the militants” Daesh “fleeing Mosul, has opened them passage through it heading to the Syrian city of Raqqa. All of this indicates the presence of which would allow the extremists to leave Iraq without hindrance agreement.”

According to him, the liberation of the city process that could take “weeks or less.”

In an interview with “Aaszewstaa” said the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Iraqi Parliament member Iqbal Almave The American alliance is not doing enough in the fight against “Daesh.” In addition, indirectly confirmed that militants fleeing from Mosul to Syria are not exposed to any strikes.

Dr. Iqbal Almave

Dr. Iqbal Almave

She added that “Baghdad has signed with the Washington Convention include the provision of necessary assistance to the American side in the case of Iraq subjected to invade or to any threat. And of course, we can not deny the United States the formation of the international coalition to combat” Daesh, “but we hope to show the enthusiasm of more, where there are still many areas under the control of terrorists. As for those who are fleeing Mosul, I think that the goals for the Americans is more important than eliminating them. “

And the time required for the Liberation of the city, says Iqbal Almave that there are different assessments on this subject, where some of the process is expected to take 30-40 days. This is based on the belief that the Iraqi forces were able to cut off supplies to militants trapped in the city. In addition, there is within the city by representatives of the special services, and those who lie in their mission to provide Iraqi forces with information Expeditionary necessary. Forces Command also receive important information from residents of the city. And, of course, “gunmen escaped much of the city on their way to Syria. There is a pessimistic view that the liberation of the city process may continue until the end of December / December next.

It is noteworthy that the preparations for the Liberation of Mosul, controlled by “Daesh” Since June 2014, began after Iraqi forces managed to free the city of Fallujah last June, after enable in August / August last Edit Qayyarah south of Mosul, the nearby military airport .

It should be noted that many news spread before the start of the process of liberalization of Mosul a few days for the gunmen to leave the city and their leaders under a US-Saudi agreement with them, and they were heading to Syria to carry out an attack on the towns of Deir al-Zour and Palmyra. The news was confirmed for “Aaszewstaa” director of the Iraqi Center for Strategic and Security Studies Moataz Mohi Abdul Hamid.

It is believed Moataz Mohi Abdul Hamid health news to leave the city of Mosul, insurgents and their attitude towards the Syrian town of Abu Kamal, near the Iraqi border, and from there to Raqqa and Deir al-Zour and Palmyra.It should also be noted the double game that the United States exercised in this case. They are supported by the Iraqi forces in Mosul, the process of liberalization, on the other hand does not show any mention of Hamas in Aleppo. Regardless of the number of political motives and behavior of Washington, this can be explained by the presence of military cooperation between Washington and Baghdad agreement allows it to strike at the terrorists, while it is not between Damascus similar agreement.

Moataz Abdel-Hamid Mohiuddin

Moataz AbdelHamid Mohiuddin

Abdul Hamid pointed out that Iraq will face other problems after the liberation of Mosul, gunmen “Daesh.” Among these problems, escalating tensions between the central government and the leadership of the Kurdistan region around Kirkuk disputed, after the elimination of the common enemy, where “peshmerga” forces seized control of the city after the emergence of “Daesh.” That is, subordination of Kirkuk problem will go again on the table.


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