Smart card to open branches to issue new covered by social protectio


Economy News …

 Director General of the Department of Social Protection Zidane Khalaf Obaid announced the opening of new branches for issuing smart card for new covered by social protection in Baghdad and the provinces. He called the servants of all new applicants covered by subsidies to non-audit departments circle and wait for the message to finish off the Mobile to determine the day and place of the audit for the issuance of the smart card and received for the purpose of facilitating the process of assuming subsidy and by issuing smart card centers:
Issuing smart / card outlets Rusafa
 Release Center Address
1 tributaries Paradise Paradise / Karrada Square
Two tributaries Arboretum Arboretum / branch near Baquba Garage
3 tributaries Huzaifa ibn al-Yaman saffron / near the Diyala Bridge Branch
4 saffron / port mercy against the Rasheed Bank
5 nursery / district teachers versus teachers wash station
6 Rashad Rashad vocational training center
7 municipal council Mahmudiyah Mahmudiyah
Issuing smart card / Karkh outlets
T. names of the municipal council name and address of the place of work
 My Kadhimiya Kadhimiya Council / Ocean Street
 Bank of Zahra Kadhimiya / Zahra Square / Alhosh
 My Council liberty freedom / entrance to the role of vice officers
 Cilspldiaharih freedom / Mdkhaldornwabalillat
 Torch / near the pool
 Torch / near the pool
 Tarmiya TARMIYA / district center
 Coronary coronary versus health center
 My coronary coronary Council against the health center
 Rashid District session near Rapid Bridge
 Rashid District of the session / near Rapid Bridge
 My Salehia Council near the Iranian embassy
 Mansour Mansour Bank / VS Acialki
 My Council Mansour Mansour / VS Arif Restaurant
 Office princesses Mansour vs. Acialki
 Rehab Abu Ghraib Office
 My Council Amil Amil district / near 84 market
 Rafii Bank / Amiriyah Amiriyah
Mnavmasaddaralbtaqhalzkih / chest
T. port location
1 Waziriya, near Piazza saga
2 Rafidain Bank, Palestine Street / club near the Turkmen
3 branch Andalus m. Chest / Alekiarp
4 Door holy branch of the holy door / near Medical City Hospital
5 Adhamiya Rivers / near the Imam Abu Hanifa
6 passports Cairo near Cairo
7 Ahmed Asia Bureau of Husseiniya / near humidifiers Virgin
8 Riad Nouri M.alsdr / Alekiarp / Office sector 63 / near Two Rivers / Andalus bank branch
9 people
10-Faraj M.alsdr / home / office sector 19 / versus granular Bank
11-Faraj M.alsdr / home / office sector 19 / versus the Bank of Sevilla

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