Former US Ambassador to Iraq: Daesh lose “milch cow” in Mosul


Tuesday 18-10-2016 | 4:25:54

Elements Bdaash extracting oil - XYZ

Elements Bdaash extracting oil – XYZ

Twilight News / said Christopher Hill, a former US ambassador in Iraq, said that the political challenges and not a military potential that is dictated on the Iraqi side to postpone the Mosul operation, warning that al Daesh lose the loss of city financial resource major, but his expulsion from Iraq and entering the beginning of the end stage It will not affect the course of the war in Syria.

Hill spoke about the challenges that preceded the operation on Mosul and paid more than once for the postponement, saying: “From a military point of view he could carry out the attack time earlier, but I do not think that the political agreements were immature at the time.”

He added: “There are a lot of votes, an adviser to the Iraqi government on political issues and we hope that the Iraqi side adopts some of these tips any way turned out to be a Sunni position is not acceptable to the Shiite majority in Iraq. And condition, tried to move the Kurds and extend their areas of influence towards the center of Mosul, there will be a big problem for Ebadi, under any circumstances, but the success of things and properly implemented it would be in possession of a good Abadi triumph can be used to stabilize the situation in Baghdad. “

And about the atmosphere of the battle, Hill predicted a harsh face due to the nature of the area, saying: “Progress implemented by the attacking forces will be in a crowded residential areas in towns and cities can Daesh fighters hunkering down with them and fighting fiercely.The question remains about the number of Daesh fighters who are still in the region, perhaps deliberately regulation to reduce the number of fighters in the city, this is we do not know the truth. “

He noted former US diplomat to Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, was an important source of financial loss to Daesh lead to a decline in resources. He explained: “Mosul is much larger than tenderness, which some see it as the capital of Daesh in Syria, has been able to transform Daesh from Mosul to generate a cash cow by the money, this will end soon.”

He concluded his positions, saying: “I think we are in front of the beginning of the end for the organization Daesh, but of course this will not affect the ongoing in Syria devastating civil war and what is happening in Aleppo a day. There are different story with a lot of Sunni groups battling the top leadership in Damascus, but it could mean the end of Daesh presence in Iraq. “



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