Abadi confirms the course of Mosul editing process accurately and calls for Saudi Arabia to send an ambassador to Iraq {expanded}


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Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said military units moving carefully to liberate Mosul, as called for Saudi Arabia to send an ambassador to Baghdad to improve ties between the two countries.
Ebadi said at a news conference in Baghdad today I followed the agency {Euphrates News} ” The military units moving accurately complete and coordinated among all ranks , ” noting that ” the security forces had created safe corridors for theexit of civilians with the approach of our troops to enter Mosul , and there was no shelling We have directed to stay away from a goal that can be damaging to thecivilian population. ”

said Abadi , that” our troops are enjoying very high and ready morale to edit all areas of Nineveh and strive to support citizens in the usurped territories to counter criminality Daesh terrorist , “noting that” the more we approach the liberalization areas louder sounds , as happened in Fallujah , but to Aaoagafna. ”

he stressed that” interference in Iraqi affairs is dangerous and our strength isfighting within the borders of Iraq, “adding that” from the stands with Aldoaash at thelast minute will pay for it. ”

he said he” will be circulated media operating room experience and open headquarters in all regions liberated , “noting that he” will be all the dues of farmers Exchange for 2016 “.
the prime minister stressed that” the Turkish delegation made proposals did not live up to the level of Iraq ‘s request and tried to gain legitimacy in the presence of his country ‘s troops in the land of Mosul , but we turned it down , and we want thedeparture of the Turkish troops from country , “adding that” the international coalition takes banditry between Daesh in Iraq and Syria. ”

he stressed , ” it was to send the budget bill to the House of Representatives after an amendment by the budget include taxes on material non – essential “, stressing that he” made an amendment to the Act general amnesty in coordination with thepolitical blocs in the House of Representatives. ”

He called Abadi Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al – Jubeir not to assess the situation from outside Iraq,” adding that “Saudi Arabia acknowledged previously that the 5000 terrorist Saudi blew himself up in Iraq.”
He expressed “surprise at the Riyadh sticking sectarian dialect against Iraq ,”hoping to” the Saudi government to send an ambassador to Iraq to improve relations between the two countries “.anthy


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