America: We will give {181} million dollars to Iraq in preparation for the battle of Mosul


10/13/2016 18:22
{Baghdad} Euphrates News United States announced on Thursday it would provide {181} million dollars to Iraq in preparation for the battle of Mosul.
A statement by the US embassy in Iraq , the agency {Euphrates News} received acopy of ” The United States remains committed to supporting the humanitarian needs of Iraqis by the ongoing war against Daesh. Since the beginning of 2014 where she presented worth more than a billion dollars in humanitarian aid to help the Iraqis in re build their communities and bring them back to their homes and return to their normal lives. ”
He pointed out that” the mines financed by the United States clearance teams cleared Mamessahth more than 582,000 square meters in Iraq , removing Mazinth more than 21,000 kilograms of explosive material in the liberated areas of Daesh including Anbar University in Ramadi. it also supported the mine funded clearance efforts by the United States re 175,000 people to their homes process. ”
and the statement that” support the United States but is not limited to , in any way, the mine lift . in July the United States provided boxes containing 6.4 kg of food and 12 liters of drinking water packaged container to save water in addition to a number of clean -up for more than 65,000 families. ”
the statement noted that in the period between March and September monthly enabled the United States , the international Organization for migration to support the provision of emergency equipment for more than 115,000 displaced either in Tikrit contribution of the United States in the amount of $ 6.3 million to rebuild schools and water facilities and power plants purify and provide jobs. ”
in preparation for the battle to liberate the next Mosul pledged to the United States, grants worth $ 181 million extra in the form of humanitarian aid to provide food, water and other of displaced Iraqis from Almedinh.hat new funding relief materials to the displaced shelter provides emergency and basic health care , including services and materials , child care and the possibility of the use of social support services.These funds will basic health services and purifying water in order to help more than 400,000 Iraqis have drinkable water.
The statement continued , “We offer all our assistance in coordination with the Iraqi government and by the United Nations and other international organizations. TheUnited States government will continue to support a democratic Iraq , a unified and prosperous Iraq is a sovereign serves the aspirations of all Alaracaan.anthy

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