Iraq’s oil reserves will reach 250 billion barrels


Saturday 08-10-2016 | 10:22:19

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Twilight News / announced Iraq’s oil minister, Ali Jabbar Hussein Allaibi, from reaching the country’s crude oil reserves 143 billion barrels, stressing that it will, according to estimates, over the coming years to 250 billion barrels.

Allaibi said, during a meeting with head of the Russian oil company “Lukoil”, Faguyt Alekperov, said that the oil ministry plan for the current year and the next focus on the development of oil production and gas investment, calling for expanding the contribution of “Lukoil”, through investment participation contracts in this area or in the rest of the projects that will be implemented next year.

Allaibi He pointed out that Iraq has oil reserves estimated at 143 billion barrels of crude oil, also has a large reserve of gas .. pointing out that the ministry has begun a new era and it will go for the development of the oil and gas sector.

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