Brett Macgork: edit Manbej presented enormous information about “Daesh”



Khandan- envoy said the US president of the World Alliance of Brett Macgork, The liberation of the city of Manbej in Syria helped a lot in raising enormous amounts of intelligence about the organization “Daesh” terrorist.

He explained Macgork in a press statement that the information helped the alliance to track the top leaders in the “Daesh “who fled after the liberation of the city.

and enable the international US – led coalition of killing 18 of theleaders of the ” Daesh “since late last August, including Vice – Qaeda leader Mohammed Aladnana.

commented Macgork on it saying , ” it ‘s the fruits of liberalization Manbej operations. ”

the democratic forces of Syria It announced in mid-August edit city Manbej tenderness between the Turkish border from the hands of”Daesh” and cut the road in front of him to Europe in addition to the2,000 people edit elements of the organization used them as human shields as they fled the city.

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