US State Department: Turkish role entrusted in Mosul, Iraq’s decision


Thursday 06-10-2016 | 4:27:03


Twilight News / said US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the Iraqi government is determine the role of Turkey in the battle of Mosul and that any Turkish role entrusted in coordination with the Iraqis.

Toner said at a news conference that the decision is up to the Iraqi government in determining the role of Turkey battle of liberation of Mosul and all countries neighboring Iraq to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Toner said that the priority is the war waged by the world to organize Daesh in Iraq are required to put all our allies to organize the war Daesh in the list of priorities.

The Iraqi parliament voted earlier in the decision to reject the presence of Turkish forces or any other forces inside Iraqi territory, and considered that it represents “an occupation” while Foreign Ministry condemned the Turkish parliament’s decision, noting that he does not represent all Iraqis Ray.

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