Deletion of zeros from the currency adds a monetary value


The Alojdrb (Bremer) , head of the Iraqi destruction authority when hecanceled the Iraqi currency of the former regime end of 2003 to find a coin which reduces the presence of zeros, the fact that the Iraqi economy , thetraditional inflation phases exceeded until he reached the edge of collapse, and this procedure is one of the means at hand to handle twice the value of the Iraqi dinar, according to the monetary and banking law, we have to go back to the basic sources which constitutes a strong factor in restoring confidence to our national currency, which deleted three zeros from Almtadolh currency now put coins and paper dinar parts, including (5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 fils) .. which will achieve the following benefits:

1. Ease of circulation and clarity and knowledge of monetary value so easily to foreigners and Hmaaaml assistant on the purchase and deal with and trust the other hand it raises the monetary value against other currencies ..

2. Altfelicat paper perishable and damage, in contrast, the coin is not affected trade and the use and therefore can be manufactured again.

3 for sale . Reduces the cost of be printed (25) dinars , which will replace the 25 thousand dinars Alnaamhalmtdoualh currency is currently the easiest and quality will be high ..

4. Strengthen and improve the texture by adding elements of the global currency that is not affected by natural factors such as water, and bear scrubs and tear resistance and decay. .

5. Reduce the cost of storage in the banks, because we need to Qasat less and less effort and also the smaller the number of employees by the more control and insurance prohibitively high.

6. Easily transported over long distances and easily provide a high proportion of them safely.

7. . Strong cash currency contribute to strengthening the elements of thenational economy.

8. It provides speed and accuracy in trading in settling accounts. 9. gives theworkers , giving them greater self – confidence.

10. Is the risk of error in the calculation of its simplicity and clarity.

11. This will rebuild global confidence in the banks and increases traded.

12 for sale . Also it provides cash to expand its value against the US dollar, the euro and the EU.

13. The printed specifications make them immune to fraud. There are a lot of countries that embarked on this procedure, including the Turkey even scrapped term ppm to be replaced by a thousand, and can set up amechanism to withdraw the old currency by subtracting the new currency with them and set a time limit to suspend trading Balkadimh record for aperiod of Omayorasth months, in light of that holds the government banks did not place them again in handle even the decay within the period specified ..

* Fahd Antar Dokhi member of the Iraqi economists Association

3 thoughts on “Deletion of zeros from the currency adds a monetary value

  1. I’m sure you remember…

    that on all prior occasions when this deal was imminent…

    there was a concerted effort to educate the citizens

    that the Zeros were to be lifted.

    Remember, Shabibi did not want the average Iraqi

    to be taken advantage of on the day of change.

    I’m sure you remember the articles.

    In fact… that is one reason the CBI is dealing with

    so many Iraqis hoarding physical notes…


    Lately.. Tlar, Whaite and others have reminded us that a signpost of change..

    will be these articles… putting it out there for the citizens.

    I know this article is not the CBI itself…

    but it is the 2nd Zeros article in as many weeks…

    and it is exciting to see one so explicit.


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