Britain provides financial assistance of $ 140 million for Iraq


Wednesday 05-10-2016 | 8:11:10

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Twilight News / assured the British ambassador to Iraq, Fran Baker, during a meeting with the governor of Kirkuk, Najm al-Din Karim, on Wednesday, said his country has decided to provide financial assistance of $ 140 million to Iraq in an effort to reduce the difficulties faced by them.

And met with the governor of Kirkuk Necmettin cream in his office on Wednesday, the British ambassador to Baghdad Fran Baker and his entourage, which included both the British Vice Consul British military adviser in the region, John Sharp, the two sides discussed the problems that have emerged in the province after the events of June 2014.

Karim welcomed the British ambassador, who is visiting Kirkuk for the first time and gave the delegation a brief introduction on the political, security, economic and military situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and dilemmas suffered by Iraq in general and the city of Kirkuk, especially the relations between Baghdad and Arbil, and plans drawn up by the province to face obstacles, especially after receiving more than 600 000 displaced people and access the daily numbers of displaced Hawija and around the city of Kirkuk and the preparations for the battle to liberate the South and West regions of the province with the participation of the security forces and the crowd and the crowd of tribal and popular forces Alپeshmrگh.

After the meeting, the two sides held a joint press conference at the governorate building cream and expressed his pleasure for the first visit of the British ambassador to Kirkuk, pointing out that an old friend has many friends in Kurdistan who is also a former President Jalal Talabani, an old friend, and stressing that his visit to Kirkuk proof of the importance and status of Kirkuk at the international level and that the ambassador had previously met in Baghdad, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah.

He noted cream that he discussed with the financial crisis and the war against terrorists, “Daesh” and the problems of Iraq, the British delegation had visions and observations are identical, pointing out that they had also discussed the political situation in Iraq and Kurdistan.

He thanked the governor of Kirkuk and its ambassador to Britain, their role is striking in the war against terror and the presence of their representatives in Kirkuk to cooperate with the security forces in providing its tranquility and security of the citizens.

Karim added that the security forces were able last night foiled an attempt by terrorists when he tried three terrorists, suicide bombers blow themselves up inside a Shiite mosques, adding that the security forces managed to besieging and the two of them blew themselves up and a third was killed during the clash and thanked the security forces that continue to protect the components of Kirkuk without discrimination.

For his part, he praised the British ambassador what you are doing Kirkuk administration and its citizens, pointing out that the city of Kirkuk is very important from the political and economic terms.

He said his country supported Iraq in the war against “Daesh” and stand at his side and is confident that the future of Iraq, the Iraqis will be determined by themselves, and that the future of Kirkuk, determined by population and that this city has a prosperous and that Iraq’s future is great and has a country’s history is full of glories and we must all Iraqis working together for the consolidation of security and stability to their country and the entire international community Sessandhm.

He said the British ambassador said his country has decided to provide aid amounting to 140 million dollars to Iraq to relieve the burden of the problems afflicting.

بريطانيا تقدم مساعدات مالية بـ140 مليون دولار للعراق

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