Brent crude rises to $ 51.78 a barrel


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{International: Euphrates News} Oil prices rose on Wednesday to their highest level since June after a report of a possible drop in US stocks for the fifth consecutive week.
Was trading combination “Brent” Universal at $ 51.78 a barrel, up 89 cents or 1.75 percent from the last adjustment.
While West Texas Intermediate crude rose by 82 cents or 1.68 to $ 49.51 a barrel. ”

He said the American Petroleum Institute on Tuesday , stocks US crude fell by 7.6 million barrels per day, which represents a decline for the fifth consecutive week if confirmed by the US energy Information administration , which will be issued on Wednesday the data.

If the US crude stocks fell again , it will bolster the view that the oversupply of crude, which put pressure on prices since 2014 has been waning.
However , the American Petroleum Institute data do not always match comes to theenergy Information administration data to be published later on Wednesday. analysts expect crude oil stocks rose 2.6 million Brmel.anthy

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