Abadi: We do not want to enter a war with Turkey, and we have reduced the 2017 budget to 15 Trliuna expanded {}


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi that “Iraq does not want to enter a war with neighboring Turkey on its forces to enter Iraqi territory between the axis that has been reduced 2017 budget to {15} Trliuna.
Ebadi said in a press conference held at his office in Baghdad today, attended byAgency correspondent {Euphrates News} Tuesday, that ” the entry of foreign troops into Iraq to determine the situation which is not permitted at all and we reject any presence of foreign troops on Iraqi territory and I’m afraid to turn the Turkish adventure into a regional confrontation. ”

he added that” the presence of Turkish troops on Iraqi territory assault on sovereignty , “noting that” the international coalition in favor of Iraq and rejects the presence of Turkish troops on its territory , “pointing out that” the insistence of theTurks and their presence inside Iraqi territory have no explanation . ” .

he emphasized, ” the gangs Daesh terrorist closer to the Turkish border from Mosul , ” noting that “we signed up plans to ensure that the exploitation of Turkish forces the space and do not want to get into with Turkey in military confrontation, and the disposal of the Turkish military leadership is unacceptable by any standard.”

regarding the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil between Abadi , saying that ” theproblems between Baghdad and Erbil will not solve a session or two and can be solved within a unified Iraq.”

he pointed out that “we have reduced the budget deficit of 32 trillion to 15 Trliuna, between the axis that” candidates for the vacant ministries will present this week. ”

and fears of a collapse of the Mosul Dam drew Abadi to, that” Mosul Dam believer completely from any potential danger. ”
he went on to say that” we are giving wider powers to the provinces and with theparticipation of the regions in the liberation of their areas of Conception Daesh gangs terrorist “.anthy m



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