Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ordering the destruction of Mosul before withdrawal


Published on: Today, 15:48

Sources confirmed on Sunday that the militants Daesh and its leaders fleeing the city of Mosul to Syria, adding that the organization’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the face of his followers to destroy the city of Mosul before fleeing them, in case they could not defend.

The sources said, “The living conditions inside the city of Mosul, a very difficult, where the population is suffering from a lack of hours of electric power supply and their dependence on generators, because of the use of the organization all the electricity available on its own,”

adding that “there is a severe shortage in the quantities of drugs with the cost of quantities rates few of them available, especially for chronic diseases, not a day goes by without the death of dozens of children because of it, and that the population is suffering from food shortages at a time when they want it as much as possible of food preservation in anticipation of the upcoming battle.

“She pointed out that “today 13 terrorist escaped from Daesh three of whom carry the title of Emir of Mosul to the city of Raqqa Syria, as the militants organize realize that liberation of the city is now only a matter of time, so they are doing the transfer of artifacts, gold and money to outside Mosul.

“She stressed, “if there is a way out of the city, the people will survive for themselves who the hell Daesh that the arrest and execution of civilians a day,” noting that “Daesh forcing citizens to participate in the battles.

In the last month has executed more than 200 people who refused to fight the Peshmerga, and the citizens now hiding the youth organization of sight for fear of being forced to participate in the fighting, with the loss of thousands of people from the city. ”


2 thoughts on “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ordering the destruction of Mosul before withdrawal

  1. This is the American and its allies and Baghdad Fascist Regime excuse for the soon will be complete distraction of Mosul,so blame it on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Daesh Thugs,how could anybody forget your crime against humanity for the detraction of Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya and your cowards act by joining the Asaad and Russian regime in the killing of the poor Syrian People.


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