Abadi announced soft loans to create jobs initiative



By Hussein Zangana two hours ago
حيدر العبادي
Haider al-Abadi

Roudao – Erbil

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider alAbadi, on Saturday, launching an initiative to concessional loans, in order tocreate jobs, and an amendment in 2017 to grant employees leave for a fiveyear budget law.

This came in a speech Abadi during the first Scientific Conference for Research and Studies, held by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the Green Zone in Baghdad.

Ebadi said: “We launched the largest initiative of soft loans for young people to build provide jobs for them projects and help development in spite of the financial challenge that is passing through the state,” adding that “Iraq is a rich country with scientists and researchers and competencies and this move is an attempt to serve the slides that deserve attention and care,” without mentioning the size of the loan and the interest rate.

During the call, Abadi for “loss of Iraq’s $ 35 billion during the war to organize Daesh” revealed, calling for a “control of public spending into account the circumstances of the country, especially with the decline in oil prices.”

Also he stated that his Government had launched a “an amendment to the budget bill to give employees who want a long vacation for five years while retaining the nominal salary and pension rights in order to stimulate the private sector and reduce poverty and increase employment opportunities in the country.”

On September 6 / last September, Abadi announced discuss his government’s five-year grant employees paid leave my name completely, calculated for the purposes of retirement, noting that he had proposed to grant staff in decades amount financially and allow them to create their own projects.

Focused five-year plan launched by the Iraqi government from 2013 – 2017, which, on the promotion of the private sector and stimulate investments, and targeted access to the unemployment rate of around 6% until 2017, but has not achieved its objectives, given the variables in oil prices.



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