Alliance International: Eight Iraqi brigades will participate in the liberation of Mosul and Baghdad plan to be drawn up


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Since 30/09/2016 17:51 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

The international coalition announced that eight brigades of the Iraqi army, at least take part in the liberation of the city of Mosul battles Nineveh province, the center of the organization, revealing the killing of a number of those described the leaders of the organization in Iraq, including the Daesh military official in the areas surrounding the Iraqi city of Mosul, and another with the task of arms assembly chemical, also announced his intention to collect “” big yields information about the organization Daesh after collecting about 20 terabytes of information after controlling Manbej.

This came on the lips of a coalition spokesman, John Dorian, in a press brief held in Baghdad, through a private teleconference with reporters in Washington.

Dorian said “there will be from 8-12 brigade of the Iraqi army (brigade includes about a thousand military) and we expect the involvement of the Iraqi police because they will be part of maintaining security case edit areas and control effort to shrug Daesh impenetrable.”

He pointed out that “all the details of the process of liberalization of Mosul are placed by the Iraqi security forces, and we will follow their plan.”

Coalition spokesman predicted that the “census militants Daesh ranges into the connector between 3000- 4500 between Iraqi and foreign.”

With regard to the reinforcements, which announced the Pentagon for being sent to Iraq, consisting of 615 military, he explained that a group of them will be from the intelligence capabilities.

A spokesman for US forces in Iraq and Syria, John Dorian “The air strikes killed 18 alliance leaders” Daesh “, in the past thirty days, of whom 13 in Mosul, Iraq.”

Dorian said that many of these targets are military commanders and aides of foreign fighters and leaders of the gang connections.

The Pentagon hopes to collect “yields” substantial information about the organization Daesh including networks abroad, after the restoration of the Iraqi city of Mosul from the hands of terrorists, according to a military spokesman for the international coalition said on Thursday.

Colonel John Dorian US military spokesman said these would help the Iraqis to take advantage of the information that will be collected after the entry to the city as soon as possible.

He added in a press conference via closed-circuit video from Baghdad that “when it is released like Mosul city, can be expected to yield tremendous information.”

Login and it comes quickly to computers and hard drives and data buses (USB) core, which was used by jihadists similar to what he has done far Manbej restore Syrian city of Alliance.

According to the spokesman, it has been collecting about 20 terabytes of information after controlling Manbej, which was important for terrorists near the Turkish border logistical hub.

He pointed out that all the information collected on the organization Daesh networks “were sent to the intelligence services in the countries of Western Europe,” to assist in the efforts against domestic jihadist cells.

According to the Pentagon, the United States will begin “very quickly in the coming weeks,” the deployment of additional military Al615 in Iraq.

And it will be a big part of their mission to strengthen the logistics capabilities of the Iraqi army before the battle of Mosul.

They must provide the means, especially fall night in bad weather in the Ain al-Asad base, in Anbar province, in addition to enhancing air capacity in Qayyarah base recently extracted from the jihadists and is strategically located 65 kilometers from Mosul.

Dorian pointed out that the international coalition estimated number of terrorists who are in Mosul between three thousand and 4,500 fighters, which is less than previous estimates, which were talking about five thousand fighters appreciated.

He added Dorian “are still losing people, because we continue to be targeted Bdharbatna flights.”

He said that air strikes had killed 18 of the alliance of the leaders of al Daesh in the last thirty days, 13 of them in Mosul.

He said Dorian, spokesman for US forces in Iraq and Syria, the Ministry of Defense in a press statement that many of these targeted military commanders and aides of foreign fighters and leaders of the Islamic state communications.

“The output of these individuals from the battlefield happen devastating effects in the enemy’s ability to command and control.”

The United States has 4,565 soldiers in Iraq within the framework of the alliance-led air and provides extensive training and support and advice to the Iraqi army, which collapsed in 2014 before the attack Daesh organization.

It seems that the battle for the restoration of Mosul is imminent in light of strong indications of political and field indicate that the zero hour approached.

The United States announced Wednesday it would send an additional 615 troops to Iraq, it will be a large number of them is a Astkhbarat.anthy experts 29 / tc n


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