Kurdish oil flows next to the Government of Iraq


Posted: 31.08.2016 | 14:24 GMT | News Press

Iraqi Kurdistan oil

Iraqi Kurdistan oil

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The newspaper “Kommersant” touched on the dispute between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region of Iraq about the export of energy resources, and pointed out that Iraq is actually no longer a unified state.

It came in an article in the newspaper:

Iraq’s central government announced the possibility of the sale of crude oil through Iran in the event of the failure of talks with Erbil on crossing across the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The warning came from Baghdad to prepare for the transfer of oil through the territory of the neighboring country as a result of a dispute between Iraq’s central authorities and the autonomous region on the export of energy resources.

The issue of the export of oil have shown that Iraq, who loses the possibility of transfer of energy resources through its territory, no longer existed in practice as a unified state.

The plans of the Iraqi State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO) to hold talks next week with Iraq’s Kurdistan authorities about the prospects for passage of oil, the supplier via the oil pipeline, which is supervised by the Kurds and which is exported through Turkish territory to Ceyhan.

Deputy Oil Minister Fayyad grace and stressed that “in the event of failure of the negotiations, we will find a way to sell our oil through Iran or any other countries because we need money.”

A source for “Reuters” that if the talks fail, it can supply Iraqi oil to Iran through swap contracts (swap contracts). This means that Iran Iraqi crude oil, which gives it sent to refineries to it, and gives Iraq an equivalent amount of its crude oil for export from the Persian Gulf.

And referred to the “Kurdish oil tube” is now transported nearly 75 thousand barrels per day, which is less than twice before taking Baghdad’s decision to stop pumping through the pipeline in March / March 2016.

It seems that the Kurds are ready to conclude an agreement with Baghdad if guaranteed them a monthly income from the transit of US $ billion, instead of $ 400 million, it received the last time about a year ago, to stop after that for the export of oil to Baghdad, and seek to export the black gold that Kirkuk is produced independently to other countries.

Mikhail Krotejen a consultancy agency partners, “Ross Anerga” describes the situation Bahaik He says that “Baghdad has no control over the situation because the bulk of Iraqi oil exported through Turkey is being produced in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.”

However, the dispute between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government on underground resources is disagreement in principle. Baghdad has confirm that autonomy does not grant Kurds the right to sign any independent contracts, and export all operations must be channeled through the government pipeline. While the Kurds argue that the Iraqi constitution gives them the right to sign contracts without going back to the center in.

For his part, press secretary for the Iraqi government Ali al-Dabbagh confirmed that oil exports from Kurdistan to Turkey are illegal and contrary to the Constitution. He added that “oil and gas must remain, the property of all Iraqis, and that the sale revenues must be returned to the state treasury.”


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