Hoshyar Zebari, the documents reveal the scandal for converting large sum of money “with forged papers” into account, “Hamad al-Moussawi”



Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari revealed converter Huda AlAhli Bank director and member of the state law called Hamad alMoussawi , anamount of 6 billion and 450 million dollars for his personal account.


Zebari stressed that transfer of $ 6 billion and 450 million dollars for theaccount profile for the called process , “Hamad alMoussawi , ” has by presenting papers and forged documents and the purchase of dollars from the Central Bank of Iraq and turn it into overseas names ofcompanies and then transferred to a special account for Mousavi in a bank.


Zebari said he also stressed feet file a “serious and very big corruption” to the former head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee has not been involved in it accounting or explain how money transfer so much of the invited , “Hamad alMoussawi , ” and with forged papers were not taking any action against him until this moment.




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