Cabinet pulls the nomination of advisers appointed President of the Republic and returned to their jobs



Since 30/08/2016 19:32 pm (Baghdad time)

Council agreed to withdraw the nomination of the appointment of advisers in the presidency and bring them back to their previous jobs that they were, in a new step to the government within the program followed by limbering

A statement by the Council received / balances News / copy of which he discussed, Tuesday, submitting an amendment to the Law of the general amnesty voted by the House of Representatives of the vertebrae , which has the House been added or modified to the bill sent by the government .

Agree to “withdraw the nomination of the appointment of advisers in the presidency and bring them back to their previous jobs that they were” also announced.

The Council introduced in its regular , headed by Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi what has been achieved from the government curriculum during the past two years and make some adjustments in the light of the achievement that has been made of it for presentation to the House of Representatives .

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, said by some, particularly in the August 18 August 2015 , he abolished the positions ofadvisers in the ministries and trimmed the number of his advisers and adviser to the president and the speaker of parliament to five foreach of them .

Ebadi said “Based on what was in the reforms that we presented and endorsed by the Cabinet and approved by the House package. We decided to cancel the posts of advisers in the ministries Outsourcing whether the owners fixed or temporary identification advisers three presidencies five advisers for each presidency .”

The step taken by Abadi , which is the latest in a reformist campaign launched last week in order to reduce the lack of efficiency within the government and the elimination of corruption , which critics say deprived Iraqis of basic services and undermined the government forces in their fight against al Daesh .

And come Abadi ‘s ambitious plan for reform after protests for weeks in the streets of Baghdad and southern cities to demand better government services and after he called the supreme authority Ayatollah Ali al – Sistani to “strike hard” against corruption .

Abadi was reducing the number of ministers from 33 to 22 on Sunday to abolish positions or merge some ministries then ensued and over the course of the Camp reforms ended to change the faces of most of his ministry was sacked as defense minister after a stormy questioning in parliament .

He had been canceled by the vice – president and prime minister , along with ” a comprehensive and immediate reduction in thenumber of protections for all state officials” also encouraged investigations of corruption and granting himself the dismissal of governors and local authority officials .

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