UN-brokered to resolve the Justice and Accountability Act


Khandan – A senior political source in the National Alliance that secret negotiations conducted by the United Nations with the leaders of the main political blocs to end the dispute regarding the accountability and justice law inpreparation for submission to parliament for a vote.  The source , who asked not to be named, told the newspaper (life) that ” talks conducted under the auspices of theUnited Nations office in Baghdad to end the dispute in some paragraphs of the accountability Act , which faces strong opposition from a coalition of state law and the Sadrists and the virtue Party and the Badr Organization, who consider that the law allows for the figures in theBaath Party ‘s political participation. ” the source pointed out that” National Alliance seeks to ensure that the non -participation of Baathists, but a coalition of Iraqi forces calls for transforming the ablation profile to justice instead of having a partisan institution oversees the work of theablation may target certain parties to blackmail before each election held in the country. ”  the source added that” coalition forces bent on non – return of the Baathists, even those who have not stained their hands the blood of Iraqis or did not commit inhuman crimes, to the political arena and assume positions in the government, with powers Union believes that the return offered the greatest opportunity to achieve national reconciliation in thecountry. ” for his part , said a member of the legal committee in parliament Salim Shawki told the newspaper that “disagreements exist in the draft law concerning theinclusion of Baathists retirement or their term ofgovernment positions , ” stressing that ” thepostponement of the ongoing vote on justice and accountability Act is due to hold the National Alliance and the Union of forces their positions regarding the granting of concessions to Baathists who have not committed acrime or violation against the people “.


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