Faleh al-Fayad: We have agreed with Barzani on the Battle of the restoration of Mosul


By Roudao 24 minutes ago
قوات البيشمركة - أرشيف
Peshmerga forces – archive

Roudao- Erbil

Announced Iraq ‘s national security adviser and chief of thepopular crowd, Faleh alFayad, the existence of anagreement with the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on the restoration of Mosul process.

Information Office of the Fayyad said in a statement, he told a group of reporters in the Kadhimiya district of Baghdad, “We have agreed with Mr. Massoud Barzani not to enter the Peshmerga forces to Mosul city center, ie to remain on the outskirts of the city and enter the Iraqi army and local police and the crowd popular to Mosul.”

He said he was updating the popular crowd squad to participate in the process of Mosul and get the approvals and the appointment of the commander of the popular crowd, following “the number of members in the ranks of the popular crowd at Nineveh totaled 15,000 member”.


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