Abadi Office: the imminent establishment {25} thousand units shelters to accommodate displaced people in Nineveh during military operations expanded {}


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News media spokesman of the Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi, announced that he “will be established {25} thousand units shelters to accommodate displaced people of Nineveh in nearby during military operations.
A newborn in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it on Sunday, said that “our valiant managed to free Khalidiya Island and inwhich our fighters line the finest feats of heroism and gave my name images ofsacrifice in defense of the homeland and the safeguard of the territory where theKhalidiya Island liberalized fully in the process it took about a month. ”
he said it was one of the most important and oldest strongholds of terror on theleadership and the level of control and communication were the most important sources of support and supply logistical elements Daesh in the surrounding areas and nearby Anbar province was Daesh uses to manage its operations in various provinces and contain large stores of weapons gear and military equipment and supplies, has been able to our troops Bazimtha remarkable and courage usual to inflict defeat on the elements of terrorism , which came out of Khalidiya Island disgraced and rejected after his liver Iraqi forces heavy losses estimated at hundreds dead , most of them leaders and elements of the task, most of them non – Iraqis. ”
He added that” victory Khalidiya Nasr is a critical and acquires exceptional importance of what was an island Khalidiya represented by the necessities of amarket for Daesh and the importance of liberalization Khalidiya Island in securing the international road link between Baghdad and Jordan , and Syria. ”
He noted that” this victory achieved thanks unafraid and courage of Iraqi fighters and the heroic sacrifices that they knew her as raced to fight terrorism and haveshown unparalleled courage, was a fighter Abbas Jabbar Muslim on the example of the exploits of the tournament Iraqi and sacrifice , where he attributed to thethird Battalion of the Brigade 43 11th Division of the Iraqi army was a metaphor from 18 to 25 August and was martyred while fighting with the crowd in theKhalidiya Island during vacation patrol. ”
He stressed that” the government after the expiry of a two – year – old in theprocess of evaluating what has been achieved from the government program and check out paragraphs and review this program and reorder priorities in taking into account the current circumstances and in line with the extraordinary situation ,which is going through in Iraq requirements , taking into account the priorities ofgovernment action, not They locked sustain the momentum of military operations and to continue streak against terrorism kits and most recently Nasr Khalidiya down to liberate all Iraqi territory , and then provide the necessary financial cover to cover financial allocations for each slide that receive monthly salaries of state employees and retirees and the social protection network, in addition to providing and improving services provided to citizens, as well as continue to apply acomprehensive government reform program in the administrative, financial and economic aspects, as well as speeding up the special anti – corruption efforts. ”
and that” this review will include the re – prioritization in the government program, the bills that discuss and approve the cabinet also addresses projects investment and services based on the number of beneficiaries of these projects and thepercentage of completion achieved where and availability necessary for theimplementation of security and social conditions. ”
He said that” the Iraqi government stresses its firm intention to proceed with theliberalization of the remaining towns under the control of Daesh gangs, and every day that passes check our brave step toward this national goal according to theannouncement by Dr. Haidar Abadi , commander in chief of the armed forces that this year has been to edit and victory over terrorism. ”
he went on saying that” cracking down on terrorism in the remainder of the territory under its control and regain one other cities after Mveqh him the bitterness ofdefeat in every showdown waged by our troops against him was no longer in front of him , but retreat and flee before the advance of our fighters brave was the last victory stations and pride of the Iraqis in Qayyarah and then Khalidiya. ”
He added that” these victories pave the way for the Iraqi forces in its advance towards Mosul to restore and edit its people, which is soon – God willing – where the government is seeking to create an all Alasthoudarat necessary to secure thevictory Iraqis in Mosul saves the lives of the people of the city, and sparing civilians potential risks as a result of military operations, and reduces the sacrifices of our fighters brave to a minimum, and saves people ‘s property and infrastructure in the city, where he put operations command the joint supervision of the commander in chief of the armed forces plans to achieve these goals and isworking to carry out the necessary procedures in this regard, which is moving on progressively and at an accelerated pace to bring closer the day of salvation of theconnector and its people from the arbitrariness and obscurantist terrorism.
However , to say that ” the government is seeking to secure humanitarian requirements to accommodate the displaced people of the city and provide their requirements core, where they will set up five and twenty thousand units shelters to accommodate displaced people of Nineveh, as well as the allocation of fifteen billion to the province of Nineveh; ten billion of them to set up shelters and relief to the displaced and to provide basic humanitarian food needs them and five billion to rehabilitate the district of Sinjar, as well as the adoption of methods to help in the mechanisms retain the largest number of people of Mosul in their homes as previously Iraqi forces that did in white and wet and leap and other areas. ”
He concluded by saying that” these things significantly reduce the number ofdisplaced from the city, as well as being guaranteed the protection of the people ofMosul targeting Daesh gangs for displaced people when they came out of the city just as the terrorists did with displaced Hawija and Shirqat Qayyarah and other areas where Astahedvohm hunting or develop mines in the roads they take before they arrive safe haven when our valiant, which led to the fall of hundreds of victims as a result of targeting Daesh them or as a result of the heat the thirst and hunger , which are facing in their journey to get rid of the brutal terrorism, in addition to what it achieved this by securing stability in rapid city after Tharirha.anthy

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