Parliament will vote on not being content with answers to the Minister of Finance and finish reading the modified uniform pension law extended 

History of edits:: 27/8/2016 17:16 

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} House of Representatives voted in its regular fifteen headed by Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 197 deputies on Saturday on lack of conviction Pajuah Finance Minister ended with the second reading of one bill.

According to a statement to the House of Representatives received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of which was “in the beginning of the meeting President al – Jubouri announced that a meeting of the heads of blocs and their representatives and parliamentary committees on Sunday to discuss the work of the committees and what happened on the election in which as well as the conduct of consistently during this period and Toukatadth, alluding to The presence of three requests from the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives Kazem Sayadi and Messenger content , and Suad Jabbar on the issue of Shiite and Sunni Endowments exams and got them from the issues need to be addressed, pointing to the formation of a parliamentary committee comprising committees of education and religious affairs under the supervision of the presidency of the Council started its work today to meet with authorities Executive and especially Mr. Prime Minister , to find a private postpone Aloagafin exams legal solutions. 

the Council voted on a resolution to form a parliamentary committee proceed with its work and move to the executive bodies to support the request to postpone the Shiite and Sunni endowments exams. 

I decided the presidency of the Council to postpone the vote on the draft law of the board of border crossings and submitted by the Finance Committees and security and defense services, construction, legal, economic and investment into session next Monday at the request of the relevant committees for the purpose of ripening. 

then the Council voted in principle to proceed with a project to challenge the law in the interest of law in the judgments and decisions of the land ownership and provided legal committees, agriculture, water and the marshes and finance. 

the cost – Jubouri Committees of culture, media and civil society organizations to submit a report to the Council before going to vote in principle to the proposal of the fourth amendment to the law of the Iraqi journalists Syndicate No. {178} of 1969 amended and submitted by the legal committees, culture, media and civil society institutions Act legislation. 

the Council voted on the recommendations of the problem of the parliamentary Committee regarding the postponement of Shia endowments and dental exams, read out by Vice President of the Council and included a claim cabinet to postpone the exams for the existence of irregularities and claims of a mass wide especially now that students are engaged in battles against the terrorist organization in the fronts. 

the Council voted to approve the proposal of the President al – Jubouri , the initiation of the Committee of Representatives conduct their business immediately and make a recommendation to withdraw Memberships MP who assaults another deputy or the presidency or guests of the Council in the event of a repeat his work and influence the work of the Council. 

on the other hand, the president of the House of Representatives pointed to the existence of a request submitted by 51 MPs demanding to discuss the answers Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Finance during his interrogation in the previous session. 

For his part, MP Haitham al – Jubouri , a student applicant interrogation to bring the question contentment or not Pajuah the Minister of Finance to vote. 

President al – Jubouri and asked a question to the members of the House of Representatives regarding the conviction of whether or not an answer , Mr. Minister of Finance during the previous interrogation session. 

the Council voted not to contentment with answers Mr. Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Finance during the questioning session. On 

the other hand, did the Council report and discussion of the draft first amendment to the pension law uniform No. {9} for the year 2014 and provided financial and legal committees law. 

In the interventions of Representatives, MP Hassan Shammari pointed to the possibility of setting standards for degrees own equal to functional grades other, calling for the presence of safeguards to address the rights of all retirees and wait in the legislation of the bill. 

She called MP Magda Tamimi to review the pension law in a professional manner fair to citizens ‘ rights and lift the injustice of some of the slides. 

He MP Hassan Turan , the need to achieve social justice and half servants university and the isolation of their rights for the rest of the retirees. 

He urged the MP Riad Ghraib , not to create a stratified categories of retirees and working in calculating the salaries of all the principle of one. 

for his part, MP Khalaf Abdul Samad student interest in staff education and upbringing of being involved in the progress of society and the country and building rights. 

I suggest MP Abbas al – Bayati to develop a new law called the purchase of service for those who did not complete legal service for retirement Qaibdila with the retirement law. 

He MP Ammar Tohme support for the observance of university professors and military rights in the pension law, as well as reduce the senior officials dues in the state. 

She called MP Gaidan Kmbh to the importance of technical laws that prohibit interference power Executive legislation the House of Representatives. 

the MP Farhad able to rate the bill prejudice the right of university professor based in the calculation of the pension formula one. in 

turn, MP fighter Moussawi called for justice to professors and holders of advanced degrees in the ministries and independent bodies. 

it noted the MP Hanan al to attention array of Alamaaqaan during the former regime because of the service and those who prejudice the unified Retirement Law rights. 

I suggest Deputy Secretary Baker to raise the age requirement for the employee assigned to retire did not complete the legal service. 

the MP Awad al – Awadi , excepting judges out of retirement controls functional status, calling for the abolition of pensions for members the House of Representatives , according to the request of religious authority. 

He urged the Attorney Joseph Salioh the need to achieve social justice and activation of the tax system for workers in all sectors and give them their rights when referral to retire. 

He cautioned MP Haidar Alfoada to the importance of justice for members of local councils who have served the country for many years. 

for its part, called on the Rep . Nora Albjara to take account of Iraqi women especially want to referral to the retirement and lack of controls window. 

and the MP Farid al – Shaalan to be reconsidered in the equation of calculating pension and a new system will bring social justice to the citizens of retirees better. 

and MP Amer Khuzai lowering the retirement age will to make way for a new age for the slide in the appointment. 

in response to the interventions, the Committee on confirmed taking into consideration the proposals and ideas , ladies and gentlemen of Representatives in order to mature the bill. This 

was followed by MP Khalid Mafraji statement in which it denounced the organization Daesh terrorist execution of more than 25 young men from the sons of the city Hawija and its environs on charges of cooperation with the security services and to encourage residents to flee as well as the organization of firing at families fleeing killing 20 people, including women and children, calling on the security forces in various different forms to speed up liberalization of the city, called on the government as Hawija , a disaster area. 

read of Representatives Al – Fatiha in memory of the martyrs of Iraq , Hawija and then decide to adjourn the meeting until Monday next 29/8 / 2016.anthy

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