Legal expert: general amnesty includes al-Hashemi and al-Issawi and Alwani

History of edits:: 08.26.2016 22:30 

[Oan- Baghdad] 

said legal expert Tareq Harb, that the general amnesty law passed by the House, on Thursday, includes the most wanted terrorist on charges of corruption, Tareq al – Hashemi, Rafie al – Issawi and Ahmed al – Alwani. ”

He said the war in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that ” the general amnesty law which legitimized by parliament yesterday, includes all those who have committed terrorist crimes in accordance with a second paragraph of Article V of the Act, which decided to include terrorist amnesty if it does not arise from terrorist murder or permanent disability or subvert state institutions or the fight against the armed forces. ” 

he added , ” So if these cases in the terrorist crime, the Article X of the amnesty law , decided to resume the trial of all crimes of felony type terrorist crime of felony type if the judgment was issued based on the confidential informant or another defendant recognition or claim that the recognition obtained under duress. ” 

He said the war” any judgment issued by the two must and are available with one of these cases , a confidential informant, coercion or accused of recognition last and that means passport re – trial and the possibility of great innocence and it was not possible to reach the outskirts of the case after the expiry of that period and after turning the suit of the previous form during the previous trial and the new shape after the issuance of the amnesty law. ” 

the House of Representatives had approved at its Thursday ‘s draft general amnesty law after a dispute for years , it, particularly the paragraph relating to the accused terrorist, where the law pointed to the formation of a judicial committee would be responsible for considering the extent of the possibility of re – trial of the accused to Article 4 / terrorism or not, not at the request of the accused


3 thoughts on “Legal expert: general amnesty includes al-Hashemi and al-Issawi and Alwani

    • Absolve a lot of folks who were incarcerated without due process & probably a lot of political prisoners during Maliki’r reign- that’s why he is publicly denouncing it today-


  1. Thank you, Ralph!!
    I think this is a pretty big deal. These guys were in high positions in the previous regime. They were falsely charged by Maliki. Tareq al Hashemi was in hiding for a long time in Turkey, I think. More recently, after the new Prime Minister took over, he may have moved to Kurdistan, but I am not sure. I think he and maybe the other two will serve prominent positions in the reformed GOI in the near future. IMHO, but, I could be wrong. I hope others will comment.
    Mrs. G


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