Good legal Tariq Harb: amnesty parliament includes Daesh



Friday 26-08-2016 | 7:21:59


Twilight News / male legal goodness Tariq Harb on Friday that the general amnesty recently passed House bill includes elements of the terrorist organization Daesh.

He said the war in a statement responded to the Twilight News, that “the amnesty law, which legitimized parliament on 25.08.2016 did not decide to exclude Daesh inclusive amnesty, it means the inclusion of Daesh amnesty so that the exceptions established by the amnesty law, and in Article V was not among them Daesh crimes based on that, that Daesh crimes covered by the amnesty and treated as terrorist crimes, organized by Amnesty any shall apply the provisions of the law (Article V / II) of the Amnesty Law, which organized the provisions of terrorist crimes, so I decided that terrorist crimes are generally covered by the amnesty unless the consequences of these crimes killed or permanent disability or subvert state institutions or the fight against the armed forces and that means that all those who belong to Daesh or promoted Daesh or issued to Daesh data included a pardon because he was located in his offense what we have. ”

He added that “even in this case, any case of murder or infirmity Haemophilus or armed forces or subvert state institutions, it is covered by an amnesty law indirectly as Article X, it decided to resume the trial of the two as long as this article decided to resume the trial of those sentenced for the crime of felony and actions Daesh considered a crime felony so that the rule of retrial in cases stipulated by the law applies any amnesty law, a mere allegation. ”

War and continued that “if the allegation was not true because the confession was coerced and just coercion does not require the use of torture to snap recognition and therefore say that the recognition of the force-sufficient, as well as state of charge based on a secret informant, even if the detective series and the father of the victim, who was killed Daesh and became an informant secretly for fear that takes Daesh kill him after killing his son shone named informant secret, or was based Al another defendant in this lawsuit confession or other, he may request a retrial and re-investigation and therefore innocent of the crimes that had been assigned to him Kdaasha especially since it difficult to bring the parties to the case after move for the former and that the presence of detection will lead to change their statements out of fear of fear and Aldaasha and so decided amnesty law innocently Aldaasha not only benefitting from a pardon. ”

And the voice of the Iraqi parliament in its meeting yesterday, the law for adoption more than once because of the differences of the political blocs to its terms.

The points of disagreement concerning Palmhmolin general amnesty, and detained on charges of terrorism, Article 4, and the location of re-investigation and trial.

The law includes a large number of convicts and detainees, including convicted of murder if there is a compromise and reconciliation with the victim, and does not include those convicted in accordance with Article 4 / terrorism.

The amnesty also includes debtors to people or to the State, provided the payment is discharged from the debt at once or in installments.

الخير القانوني طارق حرب: عفو البرلمان يشمل داعش


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