[Where] published the text of the questioning of the Minister of Finance Questions


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published by all of Iraq [where] the text of questioning Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari questions.
Spin questions about the cost of travel of the minister and the plane own to call Manama , amounting to90,000 dollars and was not invited to someone Minister Zebari, but Foreign Minister Ibrahim al – Jaafari.
He was one of the questions about wages monthly hospitality and rental Minister for Dar worth 188 million dinars annually and Dar first to his secretary and another official protection does not exist approvals precedent for this rent through the Secretariat of the general Council of Ministers in the absence of theCommission not to audit about determining the price.
in the face of a question about the wages of airline tickets 450 people for the protection of the Minister ofFinance / Arbil – Baghdad.
The Zebari said yesterday that ” the Attorney Haitham al – Jubouri , questioned the 11 questions “involved a clear targeting of who we are and do not serve the public interest” , accusing him of “misleading the public opinion in his accusations and insulting to the reputation of the Ministry of Finance.”


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