The opening of the second industrial city north of Kirkuk, at a cost of $ 250 million



One Mjsr spend ninety Kirkuk’s city center


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Long-Presse / Kirkuk

It announced that the administration of Kirkuk, on Thursday, the opening of the first phase of the new industrial city in the east of the city, (250 km north of Baghdad), Thmeda for the transfer of industrial workshops to rid neighborhoods of the environmental pollution caused by, while investing to maintain body showed that it was built on 951 dunums at a cost of $ 250 million.

This came during the celebration of the distribution of the governor of Kirkuk, Najm al-Din Karim, workshops keys in the first phase of the complex industrial city “advanced”, east of the city of Kirkuk, which was carried out by the company (the people of the United Kirkuk), with the participation of a group of government officials and businessmen, investors, and attended (range Press).

Karim said, in his speech, said that “Industrial City project will be an important center for maintenance and assembly shops and art industrial workshops located in residential neighborhoods in Kirkuk and get rid of the environmental detriments,” calling on the Ministry of Agriculture to “complete the land transfer investment being registered agricultural despite the lack of suitability for cultivation and being complementary to the project. “

He urged the Governor, the relevant authorities to “facilitate investment transactions away from red tape to encourage the construction and reconstruction work,” stressing that “the security of Kirkuk is the basis of the work of the administration of the province not to allow any infringement upon Balkaragokyin.”

He reiterated his claim cream the need to “speed up liberalization of Hawija, as this has a positive effect on the stability of Kirkuk,” praising “the role of the media and the support of the security services.”

For his part, Director of the company (the people of the United Kirkuk), Ramadan Haji Rashid, in his speech, “The first phase of the industrial city will serve the citizens of Kirkuk,” noting that “the idea of founding the company came by Mam Jalal Talabani (former President of the Republic) to include representatives of all the components of Kirkuk. “

In addition, he said head of the Investment Commission of Kirkuk, Falah al-Bazaz, in his speech, said that “the industrial city of Kirkuk, the project was the result of management efforts and departments retaining them,” adding that “the project was built on 951 dunums at a cost of 250 million dollars.”

The industrial city “advanced”, located in an area (Banja Ali) at the eastern entrance to the city of Kirkuk, was put her foundation stone of the beginning of September 2013, in order to collect industrial workshops and transfer from the city center and residential neighborhoods.

Also it mentions that Kirkuk is an industrial city and one Toisseha date back to the early eighties of the last century, is located at the southern entrance of the city.

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